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  • LED DRIVER 904FD 100W
  • LED DRIVER 904FD 100W-2
  • LED DRIVER 904FD 150W
  • LED DRIVER 904FD 200W
  • LED DRIVER 904FD 100W
  • LED DRIVER 904FD 100W-2
  • LED DRIVER 904FD 150W
  • LED DRIVER 904FD 200W

904 Series Dimmable Constant Current Led Driver

Input voltage: AC 90-277V
Power: 100W,120W,150W,200W,240W
Driver type: Constant current output
Protection: OVP/OCP /SCP /OTP
Dimming function: 0-10V/1-10V/PWM/Negative logic
THD<10% Efficiency>95%
Certificate: CE,CB,CCC,RoHs,FCC
Warranty: 5 years

Constant current dimming mode

Constant current dimmable led driver can use different dimming methods, depending on application requirements and design. The following are some common constant current dimming methods:

  1. PWM dimming:
    The brightness of the LED is adjusted by changing the pulse width in the dimming circuit.
    In this way, the brightness level of the LED can be controlled by changing the pulse width as needed to achieve a dimming effect.
  2. Current adjustment:
    The brightness of the LED is adjusted by changing the current value in the LED driver.
    This method is suitable for scenarios where precise control of LED current is required.
  3. 0-10V dimming:
    Adjust the brightness of the LED by changing the 0-10V voltage signal. 0V corresponds to 0%, and 10V corresponds to 100% brightness. 0-10V dimming is suitable for single-loop control, but requires two signal lines.
  4. 1-10V dimming:
    Similar to 0-10V dimming, but lights up when the voltage signal is 0.7~0.8V, and turns off the lamp output when it is lower than 0.6V.
  5. DALI dimming:
    The DALI standard defines a DALI network that can control multiple lamps.
    DALI dimming has the advantages of single lamp controllability and two-way communication, and is suitable for large and medium-sized lighting systems.

In Summary, choosing the appropriate constant current dimming method depends on factors such as specific application requirements, control accuracy, and cost.

Constant current dimming mode

Your Best LED Dimmable Driver Supplier

509X6E program

Model:509 X6E

Dimming program from PC to Black box

509N7-beon led driver

Model:509 N7

Non Isolated Design 0-10V/1-10v/pwm

LED driver 706D


Time controlled dimming function

In order to make sure that each product is satisfied, our company has strict requirements on raw material inspection.

Bad quality components will be aging so fast: including resistors, capacitors, diodes, triodes, RF connectors, IC …  Also problem like: short circuit fault, damage, power failure, function failure, electrical parameters not pass, non-smooth invalid and other invalid problems.

beno factory picture

PCB quality problems:Including PCB, PCBA poor wetting, burst board, layering, CAF, approach, short circuit fault and a series of ineffective problems.

We are using 1.2 mm thickness PCB , It is no easy to deformed and better to control all components are fixed well on board.

LED driver PCB board

LED power supply is composed of electronic components, which are particularly sensitive to temperature. Such as electrolytic capacitors, the life estimation formula of circulating electrolytic capacitors is calculated as “For every 10 degrees drop in temperature, the service life is doubled”, and poor heat dissipation is likely to greatly shorten its service life.

Engineer design

BEON is a leading LED Dimmable Driver supplier in China

We deliver complete solutions and services, including new driver design and technical assistance, to save customers money and time.
Here, we thrive on providing a benefits package for your business. We provide better quality LED drivers and outdoor lighting at the same time. Along with our team, we strive to meet your diverse and changing needs.

BA light Meeting
High quality LED driver

Dual-stage Isolation High PFC Flicker-free Dimmable LED Driver Solution

Program features:
The solution uses a two-stage architecture, including boost PFC and isolated Flyback constant current combined control.
It has high power factor (PF), low harmonics, high efficiency, and soft dimming performance in the range of 0-100%.

This solution is efficient, reliable, and flicker-free, and is suitable for outdoor LED lighting systems.

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At BEON, we’re not just committed to providing high quality LED lighting products. We’re also dedicated to leveraging our know-how, rich industry experience, and outsourcing capabilities to help solve your problems.

Application Fields:

Road Lighting, Industry Lighting, Tunnel Lighting, Factory Lighting, Landscape Lighting, etc

LED Street lighting  Ship Lighting   LED Tunnel Lighting  Lighting for wearhouse

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