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Top LED Light Drivers Manufacturer

Beon is the top brand manufacturer in the field of high-power or smart LED drivers.

It plays an important role in LED lighting, creating more efficient, reliable and long-lasting lighting solutions.

If you are looking for a LED driver power supply to replace Philips, Meanwell, Sosen, MOSO

→It’s very suitable for LED modular street light, LED flood light and LED stadium light, up to 3000W optional.

Beon is offering 5 years guarantee.

About Beon

Beon is one of the branch brands of BENAN Electric Co.,Ltd.

Founded in 1996, National high-tech enterprises, Beon is a High End LED Driver Manufacturer, which is focusing on R&D, production and sales LED lighting and New energy electronic products.

Beon has a senior professional software, hardware technology research and development team, advanced automatic production facilities, and a full range of high-tech patented products.

Products are widely used in Road lighting, Industrial lighting, Commercial lighting, Landscape lighting, Plant lighting, Ocean lighting, etc. Which are exported to more than 130 countries.

One Stop Lighting Solution Provider

BEON LED Driver Hot Selling List


Model: 509X6E Series

Programmable LED Drivers

509N7-beon led driver

Model: 509N7 Series

Flicker Free High Efficiency 95%

led driver 5096 UFO series

Model: UFO Series

IP65 50W to 240W/5 Years

804-200W LED Power Supply

Model: 804 Series

IP67 Isolated Design/5 Years

led driver 50W 1500ma

Model: 7025/703 Series

IP65 Isolated Design/Good Price


Model: 509H9 Series


single lamp controller


One-stop intelligent lighting system provider

beon spd 10kv S

Model: SPD 10kv Series

SPD lightning protection expert

Focusing on LED lighting drivers for 20 years

Beon led drivers played a pivotal role in advancing LED technology. We dedication to quality, safety, and performance ensures that LED lighting systems continue to thrive globally.

Whether it’s for streetlights, grow lights, or industrial applications, Beon have shaped the industry for more than 20 years.

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  • Beon have the broadest product portfolio worldwide, including road lighting drivers, landscape lighting drivers, marine lighting drivers, tunnel lighting drivers, plant lighting drivers, ship lighting Drivers, industrial lighting drivers and intelligent lighting control systems.
  • More than 20 years of experience in HID and LED field, welcome to visit our factory.
  • With complete production facilities, professional laboratories, R&D center and senior engineers with more than 10 years of experience.
  • Since its establishment, the company has dozens of patents, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 international management system.
  • Our products in strict accordance with “CCC”, “UL”, “CE”, “CB”, “GS”, “BIS” standard design and production.
R&D department
Mastering the Leading Technology
  • Strong R&D Software and hardware engineers 20+;
  • Auto Equipment Advanced production equipment 100+;
  • Patented Design Self-produced and patented molds over 1000 types;
  • Reliable Products Quality Consistent quality performance that exceed customer expectations.
beon keep working
Benefits of Choosing Us
  • One of the Earliest company to develop the HID and Lighting Lamps in China.
  • Focusing on LED lighting drivers for 15+ years,Your Reliable Supplier in China.
  • Excellent Customer Service, One stop LED lighting solution support.
  • Professional team support OEM/ODM Service.

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

As the most professional LED driver manufacturer, Beon has the most comprehensive and complete quality assurance and quality control system. Including:

Functional Testing; Durability Testing; Safety Testing; Electromagnetic compatibility Testing; Optical Testing; Thermal cycle Testing; Electromagnetic interference (EMI) Testing; Voltage regulation evaluation; Assembly Testing, etc.

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