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  • led driver 50W 1500ma
  • 7025 led driver 50W 1500ma
  • 7025-1 led driver 50W 1500ma
  • beon Led Driver 50w 1500mA
  • led driver 50W 1500ma
  • 7025 led driver 50W 1500ma
  • 7025-1 led driver 50W 1500ma
  • beon Led Driver 50w 1500mA

7025 Seires Led Driver 50w 1500mA


  • Voltage-in: AC100-265V
  • Isolated constant cunent driver
  • Conversion Efficiency: 90%
  • THD: <10% ;  IP65
  • Protection: LVP+OVP+OTP+SCP
  • SPD: DM 6KV + CM 6KV
  • Operating Temp:-40℃ to +55℃
  • Lifetime of over 50,000 hours, 5-year warranty
  • Certificate:CE, CB, CCC, RoHS, FCC

10 series and 5 parallel, Led Driver 50w 1500mA

7025 Seires Led Driver 50w 1500mA is suitable for high-power LEDs and various types of LEDs with equivalent other powers.

It adopts the leading technology driver chip of international brand IC. After careful design and long-term testing, it becomes an excellent driver with benchmark grade!

It has the characteristics of high efficiency, low heat generation (low temperature rise), and high working stability.

With Protections:Short circuit / Overload / Over voltage / Over temperature.

PC material case, suitable for indoor and outdoor LED lighting applications.

It has advantages of high reliability and high cost performance with 5 years warranty.

The 50W, 1500mA LED Driver for street light and flood light applications is a great solution for outdoor lighting projects. 


Technical Data

beon led driver 50W 1500mA  7025 SPECIFICATION

7025 specification

High Quality LED driver 50W 1500mA

led driver 50W 1500mA

High Reliability

LED driver is the key to LED lamps, it is like a person’s heart, to manufacture high-quality LED lamps for lighting must give up the constant voltage driver. Constant current driver is the best LED driving method. Using constant current driver does not require a current-limiting resistor in series with the output circuit, and the current flowing through the LED is not affected by changes in external power supply voltage, ambient temperature, and discrete LED parameters. influence, thereby keeping the current constant and giving full play to the various excellent characteristics of LED.

Above all, Beon are proud to introduce our 7025 series LED driver 50W 1500mA. Ip65 waterproof with 5 years warranty. Pass CE, CB, Rohs, CCC, TUV certificate.


High Performance Design

Use LED constant current power supply to power LED lamps. Since the current flowing through the LED will be automatically detected and controlled during the power supply operation. There is also no need to worry about the load short-circuiting and burning the power supply.

Beon 7025 series LED driver 50W 1500mA offer superior performance and energy efficiency. The input voltage range is 100-265V AC, compatible with a variety of power supplies. The driver maintains a constant current output of 1500mA to ensure the best brightness and lifespan. Also, it has a high power factor of PF>0.9, reducing energy waste and lowering electricity costs.

Engineer design

Multiple Protection Function

Beon’s 7025 series LED driver 50W 1500mA has protection functions, namely fault protection, including OVP,OCP,SCP, OTP. Fault protection refers to the protection that occurs when the relevant circuit functions of the LED drive power supply are activated when the safety of the power supply is threatened due to changes in internal and external conditions such as input power, load, environment, cooling circuit or device failure, resulting in the power supply not working properly. action.

OVP: Over Voltage Protection. A feature of switching power supply circuits that protects the switching power supply and the load in the event of abnormally high voltages at the output.

OCP: Over Current Protection. In the DC switching power supply circuit, in order to protect the regulator tube from being burned when the circuit is short-circuited and the current increases. The basic method is that when the output current exceeds a certain value, the adjustment tube is in a reverse biased state, thereby cutting off and automatically cutting off the circuit current.

SCP: Short Circuit Protection. Limit the output current of the switching power supply to a safe value in case of short circuit to protect the switching power supply from damage.

OTP: Over Temperature Protection. The high integration and light weight and small size of the switching regulator in the DC switching power supply have greatly increased the power density per unit volume. Therefore, if the requirements for the working environment temperature of the components inside the power supply device do not increase accordingly, there will inevitably be The performance of the circuit is deteriorated, and the components fail prematurely. Therefore, an overheating protection circuit should be installed in the high-power DC switching power supply.


SPD Protection

Outdoor LED drivers can be used in conjunction with lightning surge protectors. 7025 series LED driver 50W 1500mA with SPD 4KV or 6KV produced by BEON LED can greatly reduce the impact of high-voltage lightning surges on lamps, effectively extend the service life of lamps, and is suitable for use with outdoor lighting drivers.


Automatic gluing

High Quality Silicone

We are using good silicone to do waterproof driver.

Silicone is a material with excellent waterproof properties, with the following characteristics: high temperature resistance, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, softness, good insulation properties

But some manufacturers want to save costs, use epoxy resin mixed with quartz sand serves as a heat conductor, which have poor heat dissipation and cracks after aging.


Wide Application

The most important feature of BEON driver is that it is waterproof and moisture-proof. It can be used outdoors and work in harsh environments such as rain, fog, and direct sunlight.

At present, 7025 series LED driver 50W 1500mA are mainly used in LED outdoor lighting fixtures such as LED flood lights, LED tunnel lights, LED street light and LED Office light.

In the future, 7025 series LED driver will be more and more suitable for the requirements of LED lighting fixtures. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and let us help you enhance the safety and appeal of your projects.


The 50W, 1500mA LED Driver Usage Tips:

1. A constant current led driver is exactly the opposite of a constant voltage led driver. The current is a constant value and the voltage floats within a certain range. The voltage changes with the change of the working VF value of the LED. Therefore, if the customer tests the voltage value of the power supply under no-load condition, it is definitely incorrect. The voltage value at both ends of the output must be tested under load condition to determine the correct working voltage of the light source.

2. When we connect the LED to 50W, 1500mA LED Driver , we must connect the LED light source before turning on the power. If you turn on the power first and use a point to connect the LED lamp, the LED lamp beads may be burned out due to excessive instantaneous voltage, and this operation is not standardized and unsafe. (Cannot be operated while powered on)

3. Wide-range voltage constant current led driver (such as 18-36 x 1w driving power supply). According to this analogy, when we connect, we can only connect 18-36 1W lamp beads in series. Do not connect more or less, as too much will be unbearable. , causing overload, the light will flash.

4. If the calculation uses LED, for example, the output voltage of the led driver is 28-36V and the current is 1500MA, the voltage range of the LED lamp beads that can be used includes: 28-36V 1500MA LED light source. On the contrary, if the working parameters of our LED light source are: 30V 1500MA, then the led driver we need to look for is: the output voltage includes 30V and the output current is about 1500MA, so that it can be used together.

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