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Why do LED lights explode?

The explosion of LED lights is not accidental, And it’s not the only one.


Let’s take a look at the news about the explosion of LED lights:
News 1: When a worker was welding, the LEDs next to him suddenly exploded, making the worker bloody.
News 2: A netizen bought an LED lamp, used it for three months, and suddenly exploded with a bang.
News 3: A gentleman removed the LED headlights from the car and installed them on the door of the store. At eleven o’clock in the evening, he heard a crackling explosion, and only ten minutes later, the entire store was completely destroyed by fire. engulf.
News 4: A fire broke out in a hotel in Haikou, and the cause was found to be because of LED lights!
News 5: The LED track spotlight in a clothing store exploded! The ceiling is blackened, if the clothes are burned, it’s too dangerous!

We did an experiment, and we can see that ordinary light bulbs will heat up when they are on, and the highest temperature in the test reached 271 degrees. If at this time, the temperature is suddenly lowered, such as sprinkled with water, the bulb will instantly shatter. But will the LED lamp explode because of a sudden drop in temperature? We used an LED spotlight in the experiment. When the spotlight was shining, the temperature was only 28.4 degrees. After spraying water for a long time, there was no explosion. At this time, the question has increased again. LEDs, etc. will not explode due to a sudden drop in temperature like ordinary white weaving lamps. So, what is the reason for the explosion of LED lamps?


QC for test lab

After being explained by the quality inspectors of the National Semiconductor Lighting Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, we know that LED lights have two parts: one is the LED lamp bead, and the other is the driver. We use 220V AC every day. If the alternating current is converted to 12v direct current, then the LED lamp is generally not dangerous. Of course, if you directly transmit 220V AC power to the LED lamp during use, the lamp beads will definitely explode.

The quality inspection personnel told us that the LED lights caught fire, which can be divided into two categories: one is that the lamp bead catches fire, and the other is that the driving power explodes and catches fire. was broken down.

Dr. Wang said that in fact, there will be no fire in this case. If the LED lamp explodes and causes a fire, it is generally because of the driving power supply. For example, when bathing, the drive power supply is short-circuited due to humidity, which is also likely to cause an explosion; another situation is that the components in the drive are given a small value and the quality does not meet the requirements, which may also cause explosions and fires.

driver problem

Fire safety tips

Everyone should pay attention to the following potential dangers of using LED fluorescent lamps in daily life:

▷ The lamps must be used at a predetermined voltage and frequency. For grounded lamps, the wiring and grounding conditions must be checked frequently to prevent the danger caused by leakage.
▷ Ordinary lamps should not be used above and near heaters such as electric, gas, and kerosene stoves, or where steam is directly encountered, to prevent high temperature from damaging the lamps and causing harm to people.
▷ Try not to repair lamps and lanterns in dangerous places such as gas and steam, as the humid environment is easy to conduct electricity.
▷ The lamps used indoors cannot be moved to outdoors, because the requirements for indoor and outdoor lamps are different, and indoor lamps do not have the ability to resist sunlight and rain.
▷ Do not place objects such as paper and cloth close to or cover the illuminator.
▷ Scrub the lamps with warm water instead of gasoline or volatile oil.

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