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What is Philips Xitanium LED Driver?

As a professional led driver manufacturer in China. We always get the questions from our customer:
Do you know Philips Xitanium LED Driver? Can you do it? 
Today, please follow me to know more details on Philips XITANIUM LED Driver.


philips led driver xitanium 65W


1, The History of Philips.

2, What is Philips LED Driver?

3, Philips LED Drivers selection pointers.

4, Philips 0-10V outdoor waterproof LED driver Xitanium 100W.

5, Philips LED Electronic Driver XITANIUM 150W

6, Can you do Philips Xitanium LED Driver?

7, FAQs for Philips Xitanium LED Driver


1, The History of Philips.


Philips has spanned three centuries. The history of this world-famous company can be traced back to 1891, when Dutch mechanical engineers began producing carbon filament light sources in a former deerskin factory in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

💡Strict quality control
Among his earliest major customers were early power companies who included the provision of light sources in their energy supply contracts. These companies set high standards for product quality, so the young Philips was strictly monitored in terms of quality from the beginning.

🌍Enter the world market
1908 was the first year Philips entered the world market and began producing tungsten metal filament light bulbs. In 1913, the tungsten-filament inflatable “half-watt” lamp was put on the market, followed in 1915 by the smaller “Arga” light source. At that time, Philips’ slogan was “We have a light source for every application.”

🔬Research Laboratory
In 1914, the company established a research laboratory to study physical and chemical phenomena to promote product innovation. This can be regarded as a sign of its product innovation, because in the following year, Philips expanded its strength and expanded its business to various products such as automotive lights, searchlights, and theater lighting.

📺TV Development
In 1925, Philips made its first foray into television development.

📻Radio production
In 1927, Philips began to produce radios. Just one year later, Philips not only increased the production of radios to 100 million units, but also began to produce medical X-ray equipment in the United States and entered the field of medical equipment.



2, What is Philips LED Driver?

Philips has over 125 years of experience manufacturing lighting solutions, delivering reliable, long-lasting, high-quality lighting for different applications, their led drivers can offer a unique opportunity to deliver greater value for customers.

Philips LED drivers have 4 kinds series. Which are categorized for you to match your business requirements with ease. Refer to each range description to find out more.

Philips led driver range

Philips LED drivers has designed these main range to help you with your application segmentation, and to facilitate your easy selection of the most appropriate products to meet your needs.

Xitanium LED drivers  are reliable, robust and offer flexibility through the operating window and its smart features. They are designed for indoor and outdoor applications, and are available in various form factors with fixed light output dimming and programmable versions. Provides the flexibility to perform post-programming and drive configuration when needed.

CertaDrive LED drivers  are designed to meet the market needs for basic lighting. They are ideal for high volume applications together with CortaFlux LED modules. Offering basic specifications, such as specific current and voltage settings, they come with a standard system warranty for your peace of mind.


3, Philips LED Drivers selection pointers.


Different drivers cater to different needs and the right drivers can help to ensure optimal performance of your LED light engine. Use the following chart to help you pick the perfect drivers to match your intended use.

Philips LED Drivers selection pointers

As the different applications, you can choose different led drivers : outdoor drivers, Point drivers, Linear drivers. 

Also you may consider on 

  • Output   Output power, output current, output voltage
  • Mechanical   Drivers size, Wire type, IP rating
  • Features   Digital programming, Dimming, Simple Set, Sensor ready, Lifetime
  • Thermal   TC life, TC max, Lifetime
  • Application  THD, Surge protection, Leak current, EMI tolerance, Ripple
  • Safety   Approbation, SELV, Isolated or Non-isolated

Philips LED drivers models:
Xitanium 27W 1A Prog 230V-J sXt/ Xitanium 40W 0.70A Prog+ GL-J sXt/ Xitanium 75W 0.70A Prog+ GL-Z sXt /Xitanium 75W 0.70A Prog GL-F sXt/ Xitanium 100W 0.70A Prog+ GL-Z sXt/ Xitanium 150W 0.70A Prog GL-F sXt/ Xitanium 150W 1.05A Prog+ GL-F sXt/ Xitanium LITE Prog 110W 1000 NL C150 OD/ Xitanium LITE Prog 70W 1000 NL C150 OD/ Xitanium 75W 0.70A 1-10V 230V-F sXt/ Xitanium 150W 0.53A 1-10V INT-F sXt/ Xitanium 150W 0.70A 1-10V 230V-F sXt/ Xitanium 150 W 1.05A 1-10V 230V-F sXt/ Xitanium 250W 0.70A 1-10V 230V-Q sXt/ Xitanium 75W 0.70A 230V-Y cXt/ Xitanium 150W 0.53A 230V-F cXt / Xitanium 150W 0.70A 230V-F sXt/ Xitanium DIM 100W 0.7A 1-10V 230VY/ Xitanium DIM 100W 1.05A 1-10V 230V Y/ Xitanium DIM 150W 0.7A 1-10V 230V Y/ Xitanium DIM 150W 1.05A 1-10V 230V Y/ Xitanium 100W 0.7A 230VY/ Xitanium 100W 1.05A 230V Y/ Xitanium 150W 0.7A 230V Y/ Xitanium 150W 1.05A 230V Y/ Xitanium 75W 0.35A 230V-3 167/ Xitanium 75W 0.70A 230V-3 167/ Xitanium 150W 0.53A 230V-6 167/ Xitanium 200W 0.63A 230V-8 167/ Xitanium 250W 0.70A 1-10V 230V-8 167/ Xitanium DIM 100W 0.7A 1-10V 230V 1175/ Xitanium DIM 100W 1.05A 1-10V 230V 1175/ Xitanium DIM 150W 0.7A 1-10V 230V 1175 /Xitanium DIM 150W 1.05A 1-10V 230V 1175

CertaDrive 8W 0.2A 40VI 230V/ CertaDrive 10W 0.25A 40VI 230V/ CertaDrive 10W 0.5A 20VI 230V / CertaDrive 12W 0.3A 40VI 230V/ CertaDrive 13W 0.5A 26VI 230V/ CertaDrive 15W 0.35A 42VI 230V/ CertaDrive 15W 0.5A 30VI 230V / CertaDrive 20W 0.5A 40V I 230V/ CertaDrive 20W 0.7A 28VI 230V/ CertaDrive 30W 0.7A 42VI 230V/ CertaDrive 34W 0.8A 42VI230V/ CertaDrive 36W 0.78A 46VI 230V / CertaDrive 38W 0.9A 42VI230V/ CertaDrive 40W 1.05A 38VI 230V


4, Philips 0-10V outdoor waterproof LED driver Xitanium 100W.

Philips 0-10V outdoor waterproof LED driver Xitanium 100W

Philips Xitanium Lite Programmable LED drivers are value engineered to deliver a carefully selected feature set and high-end performance, making it a preferred choice for many outdoor applications. The portfolio offers high flexibility with a customizable operating window, enabling differentiation in LED lighting designs via system tuning and being prepared for LED efficacy upgrades.

In this product family Philips introduces new drivers in a stretched form factor with a balanced feature set, which offer high value for both OEM customers and end-users. The products can replace the existing programmable outdoor LED drivers and will bring significant improvement in programming, assembly into a luminaire and electrical performance. One of the key features is SimpleSet”, an easy and fast way to configure the driver without the need to power the driver.


  • SimpleSet”, wireless configuration interface
  • High surge protection
  • Long lifetime and robust protection against moisture, vibration and temperature
  • Configurable operating windows(AOC)
  • External control interface (1-10V) available
  • Digital Configuration Interface (DCI) via MultiOne Interface
  • Autonomous or Fixed time based (FTBD) dimming via integrated 5-step DynaDimmer
  • Programmable Constant Light Output (CLO)
  • Integrated Driver Temperature protection

Application: Residential areas,Road and street lighting,Area and flood lighting,Tunnel lighting,High-bay lighting etc.


5, Philips LED Electronic Driver XITANIUM 150W

Xitanium Outdoor LV LED Drivers AOC Independent

Philips XITANIUM Driver 150W

Xitanium LV LED adjustable current drivers are specifically designed for maximum reliability and core flexibility in low voltage outdoor applications. Having high surge immunity, these durable, independently housed drivers deliver consistent, high performance to luminaires even after multiple indirect lightning strikes-an ideal solution for OEMs that need reliable, adjustable output in a rugged independent form factor.


  • Low voltage/high current output fits the application of LED strings connecting in parallel
  • IP rated housing allows use in a non-fully sealed gearbox
  • AOC (Adjustable Output Current) gives full flexibility to output different currents to spec-in different projects
  • Easy adjustment of output current/voltage by only one screwdriver
  • Robust specifications for moisture, vibration and extreme temperature protection
  • Consistent quality of light over module life
  • Best energy efficiency by peak design


  • Integrated surge immunity per IEC standard
  • Outrush current limitation to protect module
  • Adjustable output current with wide window
  • Long lifetime at high Tc Max



6, Can you do Philips Xitanium LED Driver?


Beon can offer Philips Xitanium led driver with full series. Let me know the model No., we can give the best offer to you. If you don’t have any idea on it, than please let me know your request details, we can support you for best solution. 

If you want to get the same specification or same function, than here we also can suggest the better price on Beon LED drivers.

Why choose Beon LED Drivers?
  • More than 20 years of experience in HID and LED field, welcome to visit our factory.
  • With complete production facilities, professional laboratories, R&D center and senior engineers with more than 10 years of experience.
  • Since its establishment, the company has dozens of patents, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 international management system.
  • Our products in strict accordance with “CCC”, “UL”, “CE”, “CB”, “GS”, “BIS” standard design and production.

led driver certifications-beon



7, FAQs for Philips Xitanium LED Driver


1, The LED driver voltage output is a high-voltage output. Is it safe, such as 400v output?

A: For Philips/Beon LED driver inside, the input terminal and the output terminal are completely isolated, and the lamp is grounded, so there will be no electric shock accident when the output wire comes into contact with the lamp. The only possible danger is by human hands grasp both output wires at the output end.

2, Series connection VS parallel connection method

A: Advantages: By Series connection, the efficiency is higher, which can be 3% higher. Moreover, series connection can ensure that the current passing through each LED is consistent, and there will be no inconsistency in the current of each channel caused by parallel connection.

Disadvantages: Strictly speaking, you may need to find a certification body to pass the high-voltage testing certification.

3, Will the 400v high-voltage output cause breakdown and discharge between the two output terminals?

A: The LED is placed on a 0.15mm PCB board, and the LED itself has a 0.1mm alumina ceramic substrate. These can withstand 3kv voltage, so DC 400v output will not breakdown.

4, If one LED goes out, will the entire string go out?

A: For diodes, 99.9% of LED failures are short circuits, so it will not affect it. Even if there is a short circuit problem due to a lead problem, we can ensure that the entire line will not be affected after the LED goes out by connecting a voltage regulator tube in parallel. The voltage regulator tube can be connected in parallel to each LED, or to several. The cost of connecting one LED in parallel is also very low.

5, Our nominal high output voltage is 425v. Is it safe when we connect a 300v load?

A: The high output voltage is the upper limit of the driver. When the load is less than this voltage, the driver will automatically adjust the output voltage. That is, when you connect a 300v load, the voltage between the two output terminals is 300v instead of the maximum value of 425v. Ensure that the standard The output current of the scale remains unchanged.



Choosing the right LED driver is very important to ensure the performance and life of LED lamps.

BEON has different models led drivers with different function parameters.

We have professional salesmen who can provide different prices and performances, and guide you to make the right choice. Welcome to contact us now!

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