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What is an LED driver do?

Nowadays, many lighting products use LED light sources, it have to work with led driver. However, many people still don’t understand the function of LED driver.

So, what is an LED driver ? What is the function of the LED driver ? Beon will give you the answer!

Understanding LED drivers

When everyone is promoting the long life of LED lights, they often ignore or avoid another key issue: The quality of the LED driver.

Did you have bad experience by poor quality led driver in your live?  Bad quality led diver will cause accidents and high after-sales maintenance costs. It is damaging consumer confidence in LED lighting products. Therefore, choosing a suitable led driver is very important.

led drivers type


1, What type of LED driver do LED lights require?

LED driver types depends on the power of the light source, and it’s connection method(series or parallel ). Because the light sources are different, the output current and voltage are different.

And the stability and reliability of LED drivers are very important too. Unstable current or voltage will not only affect the life of the LED lamp, but also cause problems such as flickering, black screen, and unstable brightness.

Therefore, when choosing an LED driver, you must choose products with well-known brands, reliable quality, and good stability.

The driving modes of LED driver can be divided into Two types:

One: Constant voltage type:

Constant voltage led driver means that the output voltage is fixed and the current changes within a limited maximum value range.

The driver case usually show (Output: DC**V**A) : The output voltage in fixed “V”, and how much maximum output current”A” is available. The most common output voltages in the LED market are 5V, 12V, 24V, etc.


Two: Constant current type:

Constant current led driver means the output current is constant. The output voltage varies within a range.

So we often see driver case marked (output: DC**V-**V**mA ±5%) on the market. It means The output voltage is in a voltage range, the current is FIXED ** mA.

Such as: 50W DC 24-40V,1500mA ±5% ; 

beon led driver 50w 1500mA


Constant current LED driver is the best way to drive LED lights.

  • Constant current driver, no need in the output circuit series current limiting resistor.The current on the LED is not affected by changes in external voltage, ambient temperature. So that the LED lamp can have better perform and longer life span.
  • Use constant current driver, there is no need to worry about too much current at the moment of power-on, and there is no need to worry about the load short circuit burning the power supply.
  • Use constant current driver can avoid current changes caused by the forward voltage changes. At the same time, the constant current stabilizes the brightness of the LED and facilitates product consistency during mass production.

Therefore, we will suggest to use Constant current LED driver not Constant voltage type.

In our lives, we use different lamps according to different application

Such as: led bulbs, panel lights, fluorescent lamps, down lights, spotlights, street lights, garden lights, wall washer light, plant lighting, etc.

The suitable LED driver power is 3W/5W/10W/20W/35W/50W/100W/200W/500W/1000W etc.

You can also choose a dimming led driver to change the color temperature and brightness of the lamp to improve the quality of life.

led driver types and application



2, What happens if you don’t use an LED driver?

LED lights can’t be worked without LED drivers.

LED lights requires electrical power support. You can’t use the household power supply voltage on led lights, It is not match. At this time, the power supply voltage needs to be converted into the voltage required by the LED lamp through the driver. Otherwise, the LED light cannot work. We need to convert the power supply voltage through the LED drivers.

In addition, LED lights change frequently, the demand for current will continue to change. Without led driver adjustment, it is difficult to guarantee the service life of LED lights.

So, LED lights need led driver to support and work. If no led driver, the power supply voltage does not match the voltage of the LED light, and it will cause damage to the LED light too.


3, What happens when an LED driver goes bad?

  • The led light go completely off.
  • The light will be bright but flash.
  • The led chips will turn slightly black color.

The led driver of each LED lamp is matched. If the led driver fails, you can buy a new driver in the hardware market to replace it. LED Drives are divided into different specifications. If the driver specification is wrong, it will not be lighting. 

We also did another blog to explain led lights explode,you can have a look: Why do LED lights explode?

If the LED light driver is broken, it is not recommended to repair it by yourself. BEON has a professional after-sales service team, welcome to consult at any time (Email:manager@beonled.com)


4, Attention for replacement led drivers

When you want to replace an existing LED driver, First of all, determine whether it is a constant current or constant voltage led driver. You can see the label on led driver. Such as below picture:

  • If you are replacing a constant current led driver, make sure the new driver also draws the same current. In addition, ensure that the power rating and performance are the same or higher, the voltage output window is the same or similar.
  • If you are replacing a constant voltage led driver, make sure the new driver is also of the same voltage. Also make sure that its power rating, efficiency and output current are the same or higher.
  • If the led driver supports dimming, make sure the dimming pattern is right. There are different dimmable types on the market.
  • You also need to pay attention to input voltage, IP class (dust or water resistance) and product size too.

        Keep above attention, don’t make mistake on replacement led drivers.


5, How To Choose an LED driver ?


Now let’s introduce the parameters and precautions for selecting the led driver:

  • Input Voltage    Select suitable led driver according to different occasions voltage. If export the lamps to overseas market, this is most important. Such as the voltage of the United States is 120V, the voltage of Japan is 110V, the voltage of Europe is 230-240V, and in China voltage is 220V. Beon have a wide voltage led driver, the input voltage range can reach 90V to 277V.
  • Output Voltage    It is selected according to the total forward voltage in series or parallel with the number of led chips. When selecting a led driver, the output voltage margin should be taken into consideration. If the total forward voltage of the led chips is 18V, the upper limit of the output voltage marked should be larger than 18V, so as to avoid the inconsistency of the forward voltage, over the upper voltage limit, than the led driver can not work normally in the constant current state.
  • Output Current   It refers to the current flowing through the LED load. The larger working current will make the LED chips temperature in high temperature working condition will cause lumen depreciation.
  • Output Power    The wattage marked on the led driver refers to the maximum output power, which can be worked for a long time. It is also the maximum load capacity that the lamp can bear. When selecting the led driver, the impact of peripheral temperature on it’s load capacity should be taken into consideration, not more than the max output power.
  • Work Efficiency  This is most important for structures where the led driver inside the LED lamp. Because the efficiency of the led driver is high, its power consumption is small, and the heat generated in the lamp is small, it can reduces the temperature rise of the lamp, good for delaying the light decay of the LED.
  • Power Factor   The power factor is the ratio useful work to nominal power.The higher power factor, the more efficiently system operates. Increase the power factor significance, for example: A device power is 100 units, that is, 100 units of power are transmitted to the device. However, due to the inherent reactive power loss in most electrical systems, only 70 units of power can be used. Unfortunately, although only 70 units are used, the power supply board has to pay for 100 units, where the power factor is 0.70.
  • Output ripple   The AC component superimposed on the DC stable is called a ripple. In the LED driver, include ripple voltage and ripple current. Excessive ripple will affect the light decay of LED lamp chips. The ripple voltage of Beon LED driver is less than 3% , the ripple current is less than 30%.
  • Protection function   In addition to over voltage, over temperature, and over current, the LED driver should also have surge protection. Surge protection: The ability of LED to resist surge is relatively poor, especially the ability to resist reverse voltage. Some LED lights installed outdoors, due to the start of the power grid load and the induction of lightning strikes, from the power grid system will invade a variety of surges, some surges will lead to LED damage. Therefore, the LED driver should have the ability to inhibit the invasion of the surge and protect the LED from being damaged.
  • EMC Electromagnetic compatibility  EMC refers to the ability of electromagnetic energy generated by equipment, neither interfere with other equipment nor be subject to electromagnetic interference from other equipment. Therefore, when choosing a LED driver, you can try to choose with a certification mark, such as CE,CB, CCC. In particular, the certification should include both security and electromagnetic compatibility.
  • Protection level   LED lamps are divided into outdoor and indoor applications, and led drive is also divided into these two categories. We usually in the indoor dry environment, can choose a non-protection level of led driver, if it is outdoor use, the protection level is a parameter that must be considered, such as IP65, IP67.
  • Dimming function   If you need to dimming control of LED lamps, you need to choose an LED driver with dimming function. The dimming function can be achieved in different ways, such as PWM dimming, current dimming, etc.



Choosing the right LED driver is very important to ensure the performance and life of LED lamps.

BEON has different models led drivers with different function parameters.

We have professional salesmen who can provide different prices and performances, and guide you to make the right choice. Welcome to contact us now! 

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