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Beon ufo led high bay light

UFO LED High Bay Light

  • BA-UFL01 ufo high bay light
  • BA-UFL01 ufo high bay light 2
  • BA-UFL01 ufo high bay light front
  • BA-UFL01 ufo high bay light
  • BA-UFL01 ufo high bay light 2
  • BA-UFL01 ufo high bay light front

UFL01 UFO LED High Bay Light


  •  AC110-265V/160-265V 50/60Hz.
  • Lighting efficacy up to 100lm/W.
  • Light source: Epistar/Lumileds.
  • PF>0.95
  • THD comply with LVD/EMC.
  • Die-casting aluminum body.Anti-corrosion powder painting.
  • IP65 Waterproof for outdoor use.
  • 3-5 years warranty.
  • Export certificates are available.
  • Lifetime of over 50,000 hours.
  • Certificate:CE, CB, CCC, RoHS

20+ Years Focus On UFO LED High Bay Light

  • Imported Lumileds light source, high brightness, low light decay, long life.
  • Driven by international first-line brands, it has the characteristics of over-temperature protection, high conversion efficiency, high power factor, and high lightning protection.
  • Using ADC 12 die-casting, with high thermal conductivity, the heat is quickly exported outside the body, balance the temperature inside and outside the lamp, reduce the temperature difference, reduce the junction temperature of the light source, reduce the light source decay
  • 4mm PC lens, IP66 waterproof grade, UV resistance, light transmittance of 94%, professional optical light distribution: 90/120°
  • Support installation, working environment: -40C~+60℃

Technical Data

specification for UFL01

  • UFO High bay Light Thermal conductivie
    Thermal Management

    Beon UFO high bay light’s structure is optimized by advanced FEA technology. Achieving longer lifespan at best cost-efficiency.

  • Dialux-BEON

    Tech. Support: Tell us the room length, width, height and the usage. We have an engineer team to respond the DIALUX simulations for lights quantity calculation and effects.


    A variety of light colors are available to meet the needs of different environments, eliminating the depressing emotions caused by high or low color temperatures of traditional lamps, making the eyes more comfortable and improving workers’ work efficiency.


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20+ years
Production Experience
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20000 m²+
Factory Area
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Patent Technology
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20+ Engineers
Professional R&D Team

How many UFO high bay lights do I need?

How many UFO LED high bay lights are needed for a industrial factory buildings?

The following factors need to be considered:

1. Location. Common applications of industrial and mining lights include warehouses, workshops, exhibition halls, etc. Different applications require different brightness.

2. Lamp power and luminous flux of industrial and mining lamps

3. Space utilization coefficient and maintenance coefficient

Industrial lighting can generally be roughly calculated using the following formula: average illumination (Eav) = luminous flux of a single lamp × number of lamps (N) × space utilization (CU) × maintenance factor (K) ÷ floor area (length × width).

Power density selection: The recommended power density of traditional MH/HID lamps for industrial lighting is about 10-30 watts/square meter, while for LED lighting, 3-12 watts/square meter is ideal. For normal office LED lighting, 3-7 watts/square meter will reach over 300lx. For hotel shopping malls that require higher brightness above 500lx, it can be designed to be 5-12 watts/square meter.

Installation height for ufo high bay light
Installation height for ufo high bay light

What is the best height for UFO high bay lights?

What should be the installation spacing for UFO LED High Bay Lights in the workshop?

How many square meters for UFO light bay lights?

UFO LED High Bay Lights 30-50W recommended installation height: 3-6m, Installation spacing: 10-15m

UFO LED High Bay Lights 100/120W recommended installation height: 10-15m, Installation spacing: 15-20m

UFO LED High Bay Lights 150W recommended installation height: 15-20m, Installation spacing: 20-25m

UFO LED High Bay Lights 200/240W Recommended installation height: 20m, Installation spacing: 30m

Installation Precautions

  1. During installation, it is required that the UFO LED High Bay Lights and driving power supply be installed in an open location to facilitate heat dissipation. The distance between UFO High Bay Lights and flammable materials must be at least 0.2 m, and the zenith to be installed must have a gap of 2 cm. UFO High Bay Lights cannot be installed inside the zenith, or against walls with heat sources. Pay attention to low voltage Run wiring separately from high-voltage electrical connections.
  2. The dust on the UFO LED High Bay Lights and driving power supply must be cleaned regularly to ensure good heat dissipation.
  3. The wiring on the UFO LED High Bay Lightscan be passed through the drill hole and the wiring behind the lamp can be fixed with a wire clip. Make sure it is firmly fixed.
  4. Make sure that the power cord of the UFO LED High Bay Lights is of sufficient length and is not subject to tension or tangential force. When installing the connection of the LED industrial lamp, avoid excessive pulling force and do not knot the connection. Pay attention to the differentiation of the output connections. , not to be confused with other lamps.
  5. After the LED industrial lamps are installed, a power-on test is required. If some LED industrial lamps cannot light up, then the circuit or UFO LED High Bay Lights problems need to be checked. After ensuring that all LED industrial lamps light up normally, The installation work is complete.
installation for UFO high bay light-BEON

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