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UFO High Bay Light With Sensor
  • BA-UFG01 UFO light
  • UFG03 led high bay light pic
  • UFG03 UFO High bay light pic
  • BA-UFG01 UFO light
  • UFG03 led high bay light pic
  • UFG03 UFO High bay light pic

UFG03 LED Warehouse Lighting With Motion Sensor

  • Wattage: 200W(dimming to 150W/100W)
  • Lighting efficiency: 150LM/W(R80)/170LM/W (R80)/190LM/W(R70);
  • Beam angle: 60°90°(Channel version: one Angle can cover more than 90% of the market)
  • Protection grade: IP65 IK085) Operating environment: -40~50℃,life span 50000H;
  • Power protection: power supply short circuit protected (SCP)/overvoltage protection(oVP)/over temperatureprotection(OTP);
  • Dimming control: 0-10V/PWM, auxiliary power supply 200MA 12V;
  • Controller selecting: single lamp microwave sen- sors/group microwave constant illuminance controller are available in two standard configurations;
  • Installation(suspending /wall mounted)Meet different customers’ s demands.

LED Warehouse Lighting With Motion Sensor: Illuminating Efficiency and Energy Savings

LED warehouse lighting has revolutionized the way we illuminate commercial spaces, particularly in industrial warehouses. These powerful lights offer ahost of benefits, including improved visibility, energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and longevity. Among the various features available, one stands out: the motion sensor.

What Is a Motion Sensor?

As the name suggests, a motion sensor activates when it detects movement. For warehouse owners, motion sensor-enabled LED lights are a game-changer. Here’s how they work:

  1. Automatic Detection: When motion is detected within a specific radius, the light instantly brightens to its highest illumination level.
  2. Energy Savings: After about 45-50 seconds of no motion, the light gradually dims down or turns off automatically.
  3. Remote Control: You can also control the motion sensor feature using a remote control.

UFG03 Warehouse Lighting Motion Sensor Features

1. Prolonged Lifespan

Investing in motion sensor-enabled LED lights pays off in the long run. These lights tend to last longer than typical LED high bay lights. The built-in timer ensures that the light stops glowing if no motion is detected for approximately 30-40 seconds. Say goodbye to unnecessary energy consumption!

2. Energy Efficiency

High Bay LED Lights, such as UFO high bay and linear LED high bay fixtures, are designed for ceilings 13 feet or higher. They illuminate every nook and cranny of your warehouse, leaving no dark corners behind. The motion sensor further enhances energy efficiency by reducing consumption by 30-40%. Less electricity usage means more sustainable energy practices.

3. Durability and Performance

LED warehouse high bay lighting comes with impressive features:

  • IP65 Rating: Resistant to moisture and dust, ensuring longevity.
  • Dimmable Feature: Adjust the brightness as needed.
  • Polycarbonate Casing: Sturdy and reliable.
  • Wide Angle Illumination: No shadows or blind spots.
  • Automatic Motion Sensor: Smart and efficient.
  • CCT+POWER adjustable
    CCT +Power Adjustable

    Three color temperature (ww: 6000 k, NW: 4500 k, NW: 3000 k),

    Three power (A: 100%, B:C: 75%, 50%).

    Off-line programming current regulation;

    Can provide 12V/200mA auxiliary power supply;

  • ufo high bay light with motion sensor
    Sensor function description

    1) Reserve ZHAGA book 18 standard interface, easy to install and disassemble

    2) The sensor can select the light sensor priority switch function, which can automatically distinguish and identify the external natural light and light;

    3) The sensor can choose the induction priority switch function, but also can choose the corridor dimming function;

    4) Select different sensors to realize remote control setting 2.4GHz networking linkage function;

    5) Select different sensors to achieve light balance automatic dimming function;

  • Remote controller
    2.4GHz RF Svnchronize Groupina

    MS030 was built in 5.8GHz microwave motion sensor with 2.4GHz RF module in one set, build in with standard ZHAGA book18 interface housing socket, users can apply the synchronize and grouping function depends on the different applications, to get smart lighting and achieve intelligent projects base.When anyone of the sensor in the group detecting any motion, it will trigger the whole group sensors even other sensors did not detect any motion, but those sensors will not trigger without the group.

    Use 2.4GHz RF comminucation has many benefits compare to use the bluetooth:

    1)use 2.4GHz RF will not disturbing the 5.8GHz motion sensor and cause false detection.

    2) Easy to install and setting the group at application site by one remote controller, do not need to use mobile phone


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Why choose LED High Bay Light With Motion Sensor?

The warehouse is inherently a relatively dark place, and not everyone is there all the time. If ordinary lights are installed, it will consume more power and break down easily. We all know that there are a lot of things piled up in the warehouse, and it is easy if you can’t see the way. When an accident occurs, sometimes you have to put down what you are doing to turn on the lights, which can be very troublesome.

If use led high bay light with motion sensor in the warehouse, this problem can be solved very well.

high bay light in wearhouse
200W ufo high bay light with sensor

What are the advantages of LED Warehouse Lighting with sensor?

1. Energy saving and environmental protection: The main advantage of induction street lights is energy saving and environmental protection. Since it is an automatic control product made with infrared technology, when the human body enters the sensing area, the switch will automatically turn on the load. If the human body does not leave and remains active, In this case, the sensor light will continue to be on; after the person leaves, the delay design will automatically turn off the load, which effectively achieves “the light turns on when people arrive and turns off when people leave”, avoiding the waste of energy.

2. Automatic light metering: The switch of the induction street light has an automatic light metering design. When the light is strong during the day, the induction work will be disconnected; and the induction street light has a contactless electronic switch, which extends the load life.

3. Reliable sensing: It adopts Thyristor circuit, which has high safety, wide sensing range and sensitive sensing performance.

Selecting Wattage for LED Warehouse Lighting

LED Warehouse Lighting are available in a variety of different wattages to suit a wide range of applications and lighting requirements. LED lights require much less power than traditional lighting, and many people familiar with metal halide and HID technology,they don’t know how to choose the correct wattage for LED overhead. How to choose different high bay lights, we tell you about common HID wattage ranges and how they correspond to modern LED technology to help with the selection process.

UFO LED High Bay Lights 100W,Lumen output:15,000lm Replace halogen lamp 250W, Installation height: 10-15m

UFO LED High Bay Lights 150W,Lumen output:22,000lm Replace halogen lamp 400W, Installation height: 15-20m

UFO LED High Bay Lights 200W,Lumen output:30,000lm Replace halogen lamp 600W, Installation height: 20m

UFO LED High Bay Lights 240W+,Lumen output:35,000lm Replace halogen lamp 700W, Installation height: 20-25m

ufo high bay light installation height

ufo high bay light Applications and Types
How to select LED Warehouse Lighting?

Model selection: When selecting LED Warehouse Lighting, you need to select the appropriate model and specifications according to actual needs.

For example, LED Warehouse Lighting of different types and powers need to be selected according to factors such as the place of use, illumination requirements, installation method, etc.

When using LED Warehouse Lighting, you need to use high-quality products produced by regular factories to ensure quality and safety; secondly, you need to correctly install and use LED Warehouse Lighting in accordance with the instructions; finally, you need to perform regular maintenance and upkeep. to ensure its normal operation and service life.

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