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Testing LED Drivers: A Comprehensive Guide

As a Chinese LED power supply manufacturer, many customers always asked:

What is led driver testing method?  What is the essential Tools for LED Driver Testing?



LED drivers play a crucial role in powering LED lighting systems. These electronic devices convert electrical energy from the power source into the appropriate current and voltage required to illuminate LEDs. Ensuring the reliability and efficiency of LED drivers is essential for maintaining optimal performance and longevity of LED fixtures. In this blog, we’ll delve into the world of LED driver testing, exploring methods, tools, and best practices.


Why Test LED Drivers?

Before we dive into the testing methods, let’s understand why testing LED drivers is essential:

  1. Quality Assurance: Properly tested LED drivers ensure consistent light output, color accuracy, and overall performance.
  2. Safety and Compliance: Testing verifies that LED drivers meet safety standards and comply with regulations.
  3. Energy Efficiency: Efficient LED drivers contribute to energy savings and reduced operational costs.


Common Testing Methods

1. LED Load Testing

  • Purpose: To evaluate the LED driver’s performance under load conditions.
  • Method: Connect an actual LED load (such as an LED array) to the driver and measure parameters like output current, voltage, and efficiency.
  • Tools: Use a programmable electronic load specifically designed for LED simulation.

2. Resistance-Based Testing

  • Purpose: To assess the driver’s behavior with a resistive load.
  • Method: Replace LEDs with resistors (with resistance values similar to LEDs) and measure output parameters.
  • Tools: A multimeter set to resistance mode can be used for basic testing.

3. Constant Voltage (CV) and Constant Resistance (CR) Testing

  • Purpose: To evaluate driver behavior under varying load conditions.
  • Method: Apply constant voltage or constant resistance loads and observe driver response.
  • Tools: Programmable AC and DC sources, such as Chroma’s C8000 ATS, are ideal for comprehensive testing.


Essential Tools for LED Driver Testing


  • AC source meter

First of all, we need to have a power input device. According to the type of converter, switching power supplies can be divided into AC/AC switching power supplies, AC/DC switching power supplies and DC/DC switching power supplies. Select the voltage range according to the input type, and we choose the corresponding wide-range programmable AC power supply or wide-range programmable DC power supply. The wide range of programmable features of the power supply can simulate various input conditions for testing.

We use the following one: Programmable AC Source Table, which is one of our engineers’ favorite instruments.

Programmable AC Source Table

It has rich measurement functions: in addition to basic electrical parameters such as voltage, current, power, power factor, frequency, etc., it can also measure parameters such as voltage, current value, voltage/current peak ratio, voltage/current total harmonic distortion, etc.

Meanwhile:Programmable design, the output voltage can be set once or continuously changed by program control, realizing the power supply characteristic testing needs of various loads and meeting a variety of testing needs.

Programmable AC Source Table 2


  • Programmable electronic load tester

The electronic load can not only simulate the load in the actual working environment, but also accurately test the voltage, current and other data of the load, and simulate a load short circuit at the same time, which is helpful to find load problems that occur during the operation of the lamp. It is easy to find the problem after to solve, this is the role of electronic load meter.

Generally speaking, the appropriate electronic load needs to be selected based on the specific test content. For example, the appropriate electronic load can be selected based on the maximum voltage, maximum current, maximum power and other parameters of the product to help engineers accurately grasp the feedback data during the power supply test.

Programmable electronic load tester


  • Power supply comprehensive performance tester

Main test items of power supply comprehensive test equipment:
1. Input voltage, current, power, power factor, harmonics
2. Input voltage adjustment
3. LED mode parameter setting (for LED driver only)
4. Load voltage, load current, load power
5. Voltage ripple test
6. Current ripple test
7. Start-up test
8.OCP test
9. Efficiency test
10. Short circuit test
The comprehensive power tester we use is a multi-function tester that displays: input and output waveforms, ripple and 50th harmonic.

Power supply comprehensive performance tester

When developing new products, our engineering team will use this machine to test various electrical parameters at different voltages, such as:

Input Power, Loading Vol., On-load current, Efficiency, Power Factor, Ripple current, THD: Full Load, No-Load Vol., No-Load power loss, etc.

Electrical parameter tester


  • Oscilloscope

Use an oscilloscope to test the actual waveform. It is important to choose a good oscilloscope. The 12-bit high resolution currently on the market can clearly observe the small signal details of the power rail.

The oscilloscope will also have power analysis that can help users quickly and easily analyze the efficiency and reliability of the switching power supply. Supported measurement and analysis content includes power quality, current harmonics, surge current, switching loss, slew rate, modulation analysis, turn-on/off, transient response, power supply rejection ratio, power efficiency, output ripple noise, etc.



Of course, we will also use power meters, multimeters and other testing equipment during the experiment, but the above are essential equipment for LED driver engineers.

That’s it for today’s sharing. If you have any questions about instrument selection, please leave us a message for communication. Email:manager@beonled.com



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