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Surge Protection Device

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What is LED Surge Protective Device?

As LEDs are more susceptible to surges, the impact of the surge will cause the partial or complete failure of the LED module or driver. To ensure the service life and reliability and to avoid unnecessary maintenance, a well-conceived and effective surge protection for LED street lighting should be adopted.

Beon | LED Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) are specifically designed for outdoor lighting. The products facilitate surge immunity compliant with IEEE C62.41.2 Location Category C high exposure and protect LED street lighting from lightning surge damage. With built-in thermal protection, the products could fail safely when suffering sustained over voltage or its internal varistor degradation. The products with small size, could be easily mounted in narrow space.

Beon have SPD from 10KV to 20KV

  • IEC 61643-11/EN 61643-11 Approval
  • Large flow capacity, low residual voltage, and fast response time
  • Advanced structure, simple installation, and convenient maintenance
  • Waterproof: Ip67. Warranty: 5 years
  • beon spd 10kv

    Connection mode:In parallel

    Input voltage:AC 100-265V

    Surge voltage:10KV   IP67

    Size:35*52*30mm     78g

  • beon spd 10kv S

    Connection mode: In series

    Input voltage:AC 180-240V

    Surge voltage:10KV   IP67

    Size:73*41*36mm     160g

  • beon spd 10kv P

    Connection mode: In parallel/In series

    Input voltage:AC 100-265V

    Surge voltage:10KV   IP67

    Size:84*40*12mm    105 g

  • beon spd 10kv S1

    Connection mode: In series

    Input voltage:AC 100-265V

    Surge voltage:20KV   IP67

    Size:85*40*32     125 g


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Electricity is an essential part of modern human production and life. But power facilities are threatened by internal and external overvoltages. Power system overvoltage mainly includes:

Transient overvoltage of atmospheric origin: Lightning strikes instantly generate high energy, generating surge currents up to hundreds of kA, and lightning wave can invade along power lines, causing damage to power facilities and electrical equipment.

Transient overvoltage due to switching: Switching operations of a power utility may cause overvoltage.

Temporary overvoltage: A long duration (second level) temporary overvoltage (asymmetric ground fault) or harmonious overvoltage

Standard lightning test wave

What is LEMP ?

Electrical and electronic system are subject to damage from a lighting electromagnetic impulse (LEMP). Therefore SPM need to be provided avoid failure of internal system. LEMP may caused by direct, near and far lightning strikes. According to the relevant research, lightning strikes within a certain distance may cause dangerous overvoltage on the cable,endangering the equipment connected to it.

Damage due to
thunder and lightning

The thunder and lightning can cause three basic type of damage:

—D1: injury to living beings by electric shock

—D2: physical damage (fire, explosion, mechanical destruction, chemical release) due to lighting current effects, including sparking

—D3: failure of internal systems due to LEMP


Impulse withstand voltage
& surge protection

As the primary equipment of internal lightning-proof, SPD needs to be able to withstand surge stress and provides the level of voltage protection required for the equipment. This involves the selection and coordination of SPD in different locations to form a complete protection system.

Operation Principle


SPD is equivalent to open circuit when the circuit without surge (Impedance > 100 MΩ).


When a surge invades the circuit, the SPD circuit mutates to a low impedance, releasing the surge current into the ground.

Why use spd surge protection device?

beon spd 10kv S

The surge protection device (SPD) is an indispensable device for lightning protection of electronic equipment. The function of a surge protection device is to limit the instantaneous overvoltage that penetrates power lines and signal transmission lines to the voltage range that the equipment or system can withstand, and protect the protected equipment or system from impact and damage. SPD is suitable for AC 50/60HZ, rated voltage 220V/380V power supply system.

Lightning discharges may occur between or within clouds, or between clouds and the ground. In addition, internal surges caused by using a large number of high-capacity electrical equipment can affect the power supply system and electrical equipment.

A lightning discharge between clouds and the ground consists of one or more individual lightning strikes, each carrying many high-amplitude, short-duration currents. A typical lightning discharge will consist of two or three strikes, each about one-twentieth of a second apart. Most lightning currents fall in the range of 10,000 to 100,000 amperes, and their duration is typically less than 100 microseconds.

The use of large-capacity equipment and frequency conversion equipment in the power supply system has brought about increasingly serious internal surge problems. We attribute this to the effect of transient overvoltage (TVS). Any electrical equipment has an allowable supply voltage range. Sometimes even very narrow overvoltage surges can damage a device’s power supply or all of its power supplies. This is the damaging effect of transient overvoltages (TVS). Especially for some sensitive microelectronic devices, sometimes small surges may cause fatal damage.


Beonled have 20+ years of professional production and R & D experience, focusing on high-end quality outdoor lighting.

If you have any question on SPD,welcome to contact our team,we are glad to support you on time. R&D dept Email: manager@beonled.com

  1. Frequency range is from 47 Hz to 63 Hz a.c.
  2. The voltage applied continuously to the SPD can not exceed its maximum continuous operating voltage Uc.
  3. When atmosphere press is from 80 kPa to 106 kPa, the related altitude shall be from +2000 m to -500 m.
  4. Do not touch the product body or pins directly when power is on, to avoid electric shock.

SPD is a non-repairable product. For safety sake, please use equivalent SPD for replacement.


Please store the SPD without high temperature, high humidity or corrosive gas. To avoid oxidation of the lead wires, please use

them up within 2 years after receiving the goods.

  1. Installation and startup may only be carried out by qualified personnel. The relevant country-specific regulations must be observed.
  2. Check the device for external damage before installation. If the device is defective, it must not be used.
  3. Pay attention to risk of electric shock. Please cutoff all electrical power before installation or service.
  4. Lay the output cables to the surge protective devices (SPDs) as short as possible, without loops.
  5. Do not apply mechanical stress to the SPD body during or after the installation.
  1. Check SPD status according to instructions before and after the thunderstorm season each year.
  2. If the indicator of “failure state” appears, the SPD is damaged. Replace the SPD with same type.
  3. Ensure electrical connections and mountings are correct before energizing the circuit.
  4. SPD`s quality is well controlled and strictly inspected before delivery. If non-functional ones are found during operation,please contact us early enough.
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