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Over Voltage Protection In LED Power Supply

LED technology has revolutionized the lighting industry, offering energy efficiency, longevity, and versatility. Whether it’s streetlights, indoor fixtures, or automotive lighting, LED are now ubiquitous. However, ensuring the reliability and safety of LED systems requires attention to critical aspects like over-voltage protection (OVP).

Selecting the right Over-Voltage Protection (OVP) for your outdoor LED lights is crucial to ensure their longevity and reliable operation. 


What is over voltage protection(OVP)?

Over-voltage protection is a crucial feature in LED power supplies. It prevents excessive voltage from damaging the connected LEDs or other electronic components. When the input voltage exceeds a preset level, the OVP circuitry takes action to safeguard the system.

For example, if the voltage across the aluminum electrolytic capacitor exceeds the rated value, there may be a risk of explosion, as shown in the figure below: (from VISHAY Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor 038 RSU data sheet)

OVP-quick reference data


Purpose of Over Voltage Protection(OVP):

    • OVP are specifically designed to protect circuits from prolonged over-voltage situations.
    • Unlike surge protection devices (SPD), which react swiftly to transient events like lightning strikes, OVP handle longer durations of over-voltage.



Why Is OVP Important for LED Power Supplies?

  1. Voltage Fluctuations:
    • Power grids experience fluctuations due to various factors (e.g., lightning strikes, load changes).
    • These voltage spikes can harm sensitive components, including LED.
  2. Component Safety:
    • LED have a maximum voltage tolerance. Exceeding this threshold can lead to premature failure or reduced lifespan.
    • OVP prevents such scenarios by shutting down the power supply when necessary.
  3. System Reliability:
    • Reliable street lighting, signage, or architectural illumination depends on stable power delivery.
    • OVP ensures consistent performance and minimizes downtime.


How Does OVP Work?

  1. Threshold Setting:
    • The OVP circuit monitors the input voltage.
    • When the voltage surpasses the preset threshold (usually slightly above the rated voltage), the protection mechanism activates.
  2. Shutdown or Clamping:
    • OVP can work in two ways:
      • Shutdown: The power supply output is completely shut down to prevent any further voltage increase.
      • Clamping: The output voltage is limited to a safe level (usually slightly above the rated voltage).
  3. Fast Response:
    • OVP acts swiftly to prevent damage.
    • It ensures that the excess voltage doesn’t propagate downstream to the LED.



OVP Application Example:

Over voltage protection(OVP) circuits are widely used in various electronic equipment, such as power supply circuits, motor drive circuits, automotive electronics, aerospace electronics, etc.

Here are some specific application examples:

Over voltage protection on LED lighting
In led power supply circuits, over voltage protection circuits can protect the load at the output end of the power supply from over voltage damage.

For example: a government street lighting project bidding requirement requires that the power supply requires over voltage protection(OVP) of 265V and under voltage protection(UVP) of 90V. Then when the voltage exceeds 265V or falls below 90V, the power supply will cut off power to the street light and stop output. Beon has a driving power supply with this design.

The picture below is the test report of our engineering department. It can be clearly seen that the results of various parameters of the 7033-50W power supply under different voltage tests: Power (W), In Current (A), PF, THD, Output Voltage, Out Current (A), Efficiency, Ripple current, No-load V & No-load P.

OVP265V led driver test report



OVP isn’t just a technical feature; it’s an investment in the longevity and reliability of your LED lighting systems. Choose wisely, protect your LED, and illuminate the world with confidence! 💡🌟

If you also need OVP design LED driver, welcome to contact us now. Our R&D team have enough experiences to support it.


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