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About BEON Lighting

BEON Lighting Factory is located in Zhejiang Province, China, with a construction area of 12500 square meters and a building area of 26600 square meters. It has a modern factory building. And has our own mold design workshop, die-casting workshop, sheet metal workshop, finishing workshop, SMT workshop, spraying workshop,ssembly workshop aging workshop.

Mold Workshop

Beon Mold Workshop

Beon’s mold workshop has 5 senior mold workers. The equipment includes 2 radial drills, 1 milling machine, 1 lathe, and 1 grinder. The product mold is completed by the factory from structural design to mold parting and final assembly.
1. Drawing. Our company welcomes customers to provide drawings and design concepts to customize lamps. We have professional mold structure engineers to draw drawings, custom lighting depends on different requirements and difficulties, it usually takes 7-15 days to complete.
2. Open the mold. After the drawing is completed, the mold is opened according to the drawing. Generally, it takes about 10-15 days to open the mold. If the lamp is particularly large, the mold opening time may become longer.

Die casting Workshop

Beon’s die-casting workshop has 3 imported Toshiba die-casting machines, ranging from 350T to 2000T; domestic die-casting machine 220T and 650T ; integrated steel wire grinding machines:3 sets;  shot blasting machine and de-gate press.

The automatic manipulator greatly improves the efficiency while reducing the labor force of employees.

Casting takes about 5-7 days. In the casting molding stage, the designer needs to carry out a drawing confirmation step to confirm design right or not.

Die casting Workshop
sheet-metal workshop

Sheet-Metal Workshop

Beon’s sheet metal workshop has 15T-60T punches:8sets,injection molding machines:2 sets, and two sets shearing machines to achieve self-sufficiency in parts processing.

This workshop with bending, stamping, pressing, welding and a variety of cutting processing capabilities to process metal, plastic, graphite, carbon fiber plate and other materials to support 20+ surface treatment methods.

sheet-metal-2 sheet-metal-3

Finish Machining Workshop

The finishing workshop has 2 self-tapping integrated machines, 3 CNC lathes, 10 multi-hole drills, 2 special drilling machines, and 30 drill stands.

Process Step: Machine tool test for wearing protective products → drawing preparation tool → measurement of workpiece blank size → processing according to drawing size → rough machining → semi-finished turning → Finished turning test gauge calipers pass the test.

finish machining
spray painting

Spray Painting

Beon Lighting has a fully automatic spraying line, which integrates cleaning, drying, plastic spraying and baking, and the large whirlwind automatic powder spraying.

Our spraying line has a strict daily maintenance management process, which can not only improve work efficiency, but also reduce failure frequency and prolong service life.

Beon Lighting Workshop

SMT Workshop

The dust-free SMT workshop has 1 Panasonic automatic chip mounter, 3 future fully automatic chip mounters, and 4 board loading machines, from printing, patching, baking, inspection to finished products.

beon lighitng factory
Assembly workshop

Beon’s assembly workshop has 4 assembly lines, 2 assembly lines, 3 automatic gluing machines, 1 silk screen printing machine, the entire set of cable processing, 400 square meters of special aging room and 2 aging lines.

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Our Vision

To Be The Most Socially Valuable Enterprise In The Lighting Industry

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