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What Is LED Tunnel Light?

LED Tunnel lighting is an important part of highway lighting and is often used in semi-enclosed spaces, so it has its obvious particularities.
Tunnel lights must brighten the road surface in the tunnel, improve visual enjoyment in the tunnel, reduce driver fatigue, improve tunnel traffic capacity, and ensure traffic safety.

Why use Beon Tunnel lighting?

Tunnels are the main structures of mountainous highways. They play an increasingly obvious role in mountainous highways and occupy an increasing proportion. However, due to the particularity of its roads and traffic environment, tunnels have become traffic accident-prone sections, and the lighting design of tunnels is a factor related to human life.
Our LED tunnel lighting facilities can improve the road surface conditions in the tunnel, improve the visual environment in the tunnel, reduce driver fatigue, and help improve the tunnel traffic capacity and ensure traffic safety.

beon tunnel lighting
more lights at tunnel entrances and exits

Why more lights at tunnel entrances and exits?

The light in the tunnel is relatively dark during the day. The dense lighting at the entrance and exit allows the eyes to still feel that the outside is bright, so that the brightness will not be much different from the outside when entering the tunnel. Then the intensity of the street lights becomes less and less until it is normal, and the eyes I also gradually adapted to the darker light.

The same principle applies when exiting a tunnel. The outside of the tunnel is brighter and the inside is darker. From the section exiting the tunnel, the lights are gradually strengthened so that people’s eyes can gradually accept the brightness outside, instead of being too bright all at once, causing visual impairment to the driver and causing driving problems.

The lights in the tunnel are divided into two rows

The lights in the tunnel are divided into two rows. This design is also based on driver safety considerations. Normal tunnel lighting design. Two lights are located on both sides, with the ceiling light facing each other and not shining on the ground, so that it can illuminate the space without reflection.

If the top lights are not two on both sides, but only one on the top of the head. The middle is dazzling and the two sides are completely dark, making it easy for people to be dazzled. If it rains, cars will bring the muddy water outside into the tunnel, causing diffuse reflection. The sky and the ground will be full of bright light, which is very dangerous!

Tunnel-Lighting-BEON LED
Tunnel lighting takes full advantage of natural light

Tunnel lighting takes full advantage of natural light

Relevant reports show that the current annual energy consumption of highway tunnel lighting is equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of a megacity with a population of nearly 50 million. Electrical measures still require energy consumption; non-electrical measures are not bright enough. The existing electro-optical lighting technology of highway tunnels restricts the improvement of the lighting quality of highway tunnels, and the use of sunlight will be a new direction for the development of highway tunnel lighting!

Beon engineering team pointed out that using the light pipe lighting system can realize a new way of natural light lighting, while saving power, while designing lighting in the transition section.

High Quality Beon LED Tunnel Light

Bean Angle 3° 15° 30° 60° 90°
40W-480W,PC+Glass Face,IP66
400W 5 years for projects,IK10

LED Tunnel Light Manufacturer in China
Beon LED

  1. Ultra-high light efficiency, the whole light effect can reach 150lm/W, which is more energy-saving.
  2. It reaches IP66 waterproof and IK10 protection levels and has a long service life.
  3. The air convection is smooth, and the heat dissipation surface of the lamp body is always maintained for efficient heat dissipation.
  4. Professional tunnel lighting distribution, uniform light, can effectively reduce glare.
  5. Green and environmentally friendly LED light source, high light efficiency, high CRI, low light attenuation.
  6. Die-cast modular design, power range 40W-500W optional.
  7. The ±60° angle-adjustable bracket can meet the lighting needs at multiple angles.
  8. Modular light source components facilitate maintenance and effectively reduce usage costs.

BEON Led tunnel light supports intelligent control, which can achieve intelligent lighting through remote control and management, comprehensive management, data acquisition and detection, multi-function real-time alarm, intelligent adjustment of segmented brightness, traffic flow detection, etc.

Which can meet a variety of individual needs and provide an overall solution for tunnel lighting.

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