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High efficiency LED street light modules-beon
High Efficiency LED Street Light Module
SMD 3030/5050 LED Light Module for Street Light/Flood light/High bay light

High efficiency LED street light module

Main Features

  • Adopted high heat conduction fin heat dissipation technology, advanced convection hole design which can rapidly dissipate heat when installed in the lamp.
  • Excellent operating temperature-40°C~50°C
  • The ultra-thin fin heat dissipation structure reduces the weight of the module, effectively reduce the weight of lamps while satisfying the heat dissipation.
  • Variety beam angles,150×80°,120×90°,145×70°,30°,60°,90°
  • High safety,low voltage input voltage is safe for people, which effectively prevents electric shock and electric leakage.
  • Easy to assemble and maintain with national standard M15 electrical interface, achieved plugged and play,only need loosening the screw during maintenance.
  • Green product,no UV,IR radiation or mercury pollution.Passed IEC62471.
  • With excellent housing design reach IP66 rating.
  • Life-span over 50,000 hours,5 years warranty.

led street light module-beon led

What is LED street light module?

It is based on a module first, encapsulating LED chips in a small lighting module, and then integrating multiple LED lighting modules.

If the LED chip is damaged, there is no need to disassemble and repair the whole lamp. You only need to repair or replace the corresponding LED module; there are ventilation holes between the modules, which is conducive to air convection heat dissipation and automatic cleaning of the LED street light.

At the same time, new model street lights can be reconstructed through the number or type of a single module, and different numbers or types of modules can be used according to different road conditions.

A single module can also be used as floodlight, garden light, lawn light. It has the characteristics of low development cost and free customization.

3030 Reinforced Clasp type Seires led module
3030 Small block Seires led module

What advantage do led street light modules have?

1. Adopting modular design, the module structure is parallel and independent of each other, and the assembly is quick and easy for later maintenance and replacement. The number of installed modules can be adjusted according to different needs, and 2-6 modules can be freely adjusted to meet the power needs of different scenarios.

2. Modular lighting fixtures have lower costs. Because it is a standardized product, it can achieve large-scale production and directly reduce costs.

3. The waterproof module parallel wiring design is adopted to reduce wiring, which not only facilitates assembly and maintenance, improves work efficiency, but also has a better waterproof and dustproof grade, reducing faults caused by wiring and reducing the rate of damaged lamps.

4. Modular lamps are waterproof from the design source, and the terminals, plugs, and rubber rings are designed according to IP67.

5. Modular lamps can implement different optical lighting solutions on the same shape and are suitable for different roads. Just replace the lenses with the same size and different light distribution.

The design of modular LED street lights can provide domestic enterprises with more choices, with changeable shapes and simple installation. Customers can choose to buy the whole lamp or the module. Because it is a standardized design, it can be installed on different lamp housings according to the different styling requirements of customers, quickly providing customers with satisfactory customized products and creating a market for customer competition.

Best LED Street Light Manufacturer, Factory, and Supplier In China

As one of the leading lighting manufacturer, Beon committed to keeping the high quality of products, flexible in accepting orders on OEM basis, and provide perfect service, to be always able to meet our customer’s needs. Since its establishment, Beon Lighting has a senior professional software and hardware technology research and development team, advanced automatic production facilities, and a full range of high-tech patented products.

Beon has a number of invention patents, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 international management system, products in strict accordance with the “CCC”, “UL”, “CE”, “CB”, “GS” standard design and production, Comply with EU ROHS, REACH, halogen-free green environmental protection requirements.

Beon insist on being market-oriented,taking industry technology as our responsibility,providing customers with cost-effective products and solutions in all directions,making unremitting efforts to make human life more intelligent.

beon lighitng factory

Hot Selling LED Street Light Modules

led module 3030 Screw type Seires
Input Vol:30-70V DC
RA70 RA80 EMC3030/2525
led module 3030 Clasp type Seires
Input Vol:30-70V DC
RA70 RA80 EMC3030/2525
3030 Reinforced Clasp type Seires
Input Vol:30-70V DC
RA70 RA80 EMC3030
Beam Angle:60°,90°,70*145°,80*150°
5050 Screw High light efficiency Seires
Input Vol:48-50V DC
RA70 RA80 EMC5050
5050 Clasp High light efficiency Seires
Input Vol:30-70V DC
RA70 RA80 EMC5050
Beam Angle:60°,90°,70*145°,80*150°
5050 Reinforced Clasp type Seires
Input Vol:30-50V DC
RA70 RA80 EMC5050
Beam Angle:90*120°,70*145°,80*150°
3030 Small block Seires3030 Small block Seires
Input Vol:30-50V DC
RA70 RA80 EMC5050
Beam Angle: 80*150°
3030 Big block Seires
Input Vol:30-50V DC
RA70 RA80 EMC5050
Beam Angle:30°,60°,90°,80*150°
5050 High light efficiency Big block Seires
Input Vol:48-50V DC
RA70 RA80 EMC5050
Beam Angle:30°,60°,90°,80*150°

Beon Offer One Stop Lighting Solutions
& Strong Customer Service

Beon has a group of experienced, technical excellent, optical R & D team, which declared a number of national patents.

Beon also has advanced testing center, integrating ball, distribution photometer, waterproof, dust equipment, high and low temperature test chamber, salt spray test chamber and other experimental equipment.

After many years of technical accumulation, we have solved major technical problems such as light source attenuation, heat concentration, temperature difference condensation,LED series damage, low waterproof grade, etc.

beon R&D team

Beon’s die-casting workshop has 3 imported Toshiba die-casting machines, from 350T to 2000T, 1 domestic die-casting machine 220T, 650T each, 3 integrated steel wire grinding machines, 1 shot blasting machine, 1 de-gate press, and die-casting machines.

The automatic manipulator greatly improves the efficiency while reducing the labor force of employees.

Die Casting Workshop

Beon’s sheet metal workshop has 8 sets of 15T-60T punching machines, 2 sets of injection molding machines, and 2 sets of shearing machines to achieve self-sufficiency in parts processing.

Sheet Metal Workshop

Beon has a fully automatic spraying line, which integrates cleaning, drying, plastic spraying and baking, and the large whirlwind automatic powder spraying.

automatic spraying line

LED STREET LIGHT MODULESExported to more than 100+ countries

The LED Street Light Modules also can using to

LED flood lights, LED high bay lights, LED canopy lights, high mast LED stadium light, LED tunnel light etc.

Stable and safe
Stable And Safe
Factors such as vibration, shock and high temperature will occur during use, which will affect the life and stability of the lighting lamp.
Durable and long lasting
Durable and long lasting
The longer lifetime has the better quality. Our LED street light module can do 100,000 hrs lifetime and 7 years warranty.
high quality LED
LED High Efficiency
For outdoor lighting, high-efficiency luminaires can provide very significant cost savings during use. Our LED street light module can do 200lm/w.
Super Good Quality
High Thermal Conductivity Customized Aluminum Profile +Anodic Oxidation; Thickened Silicone Aprons IP68 Waterproof


LED street lamp module is not a simple combination of light source plate, lens, radiator, it is the perfect combination of optics, electricity, heat conduction and other professional technologies.

From a set screw to a radiator that carries the life of the product. From an LED light source to a suitable light distribution lens, BEON’s intentions are reflected everywhere.

Start from the subtle points, create products with your heart, and let the concept of quality above everything run through every process of product manufacturing.

Q1. What is the lifespan of an LED module?

A:We are using the famous brand led chips, such as OSRAM,LUMILEDS,NICHIA,SEOUL ect, which are high light efficiency from 100lm/w to 200lm/w. Lifetime is 50,000hrs with 5 years warranty.

Q2. What is the difference between LED and LED module?

1. Differences in materials

1. Led light strip: LED lamp beads, resistors, ab glue, silicone sleeves, electronic wires, solder paste, heat shrink tube, soldering wire, test pens, soldering iron.

2. LED module: welding wire, soldering iron, tin stove, plastic tank, resistor, LED light, wire, AB glue.

2. Product features.

1. LED light strip:

①The light source is cold and has low heat generation and will not generate heat;

②Green and environmentally friendly, no harmful ultraviolet rays, changeable colors, adjustable and controllable light source;

③It saves more than 65% energy than ordinary lighting and has a long service life;

④ Safe and reliable to use at low voltage;

⑤Waterproof, shockproof, not easy to break, and can be extended.

2. LED module:

①The LED module has high brightness, large lighting angle and low light attenuation;

②No harmful metal mercury pollution to the environment;

③The response time of LED lights is nanosecond level, the stable light attenuation is less than 20% of the initial level, and the energy consumption is 80% lower than that of ordinary lights;

④Can be made into various shapes and suitable for changing environments;

⑤LED lights use low-voltage power supply, which is safe and suitable for public places.


3. Differences in scope of application

1. LED light strip:

Furniture display, car display, jewelry cabinet, cosmetic cabinet, wine cabinet, cultural relic display cabinet, medicine cabinet, bar counter, supermarket display cabinet.

2. LED module:

Night scene projects, lighting projects, lighting, signs, signboards, advertising, decoration, stage lighting.

Q3. What are the different types of LED street light modules?

1. Classification from luminous color: single-color module, two-color module and full-color module;

2. Classification by lamp bead type: SMD2835, SMD2525, SMD3030, SMD5050, SMD7070;

3. Classify by shape and structure type: rectangular screw type, rectangular buckle type, square, round, etc.

4. Power classification: 10W, 15W, 20W, 30W, 40W, 50W, 60W, 70W, 80W, 100W, etc.

5. Classification by material: PC lens, glass lens, glass frame, etc.

Q4. How many lumens do I need for a led street light?

What are the illumination, luminous flux and brightness of general street lights?
They vary according to different street light types and usage environments.

Illuminance refers to the intensity of light received per unit area, usually expressed in lux. Generally speaking, the street light illumination requirements of urban roads are between 10-20 lux, while the street light illumination requirements of highways are higher, usually between 20-30 lux. The requirements for illumination are mainly to ensure that pedestrians and vehicles can clearly see the road and surrounding environment at night, and to improve the safety of driving and pedestrians.

Luminous flux refers to the total optical power emitted by a light source, usually expressed in lumens. Different types of street lights have different luminous flux requirements. Generally speaking, the street light flux requirements for urban roads are between 2,000-5,000 lumens, while the street light flux requirements for highways are higher, usually between 5,000-10,000 lumens. The requirements for luminous flux are mainly to ensure that street lights can provide sufficient illumination so that the road and surrounding environment can be clearly visible.

Brightness refers to the intensity of light emitted per unit area, usually expressed in nits. The brightness of the light is related to the brightness of the light source and the luminous area. Generally speaking, the brightness requirements of street lights on urban roads are between 500-1000 nits, while the brightness requirements of street lights on highways are higher, usually between 1000-2000 nits. The brightness requirements are mainly to ensure that street lights can provide sufficient brightness over long distances so that drivers can see the road and surrounding environment from a distance.

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