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LED Stadium Light
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LED Stadium Light

BEON specializes in the production of LED stadium lights, national high-tech enterprises, products for 10 years maintenance-free. Beon is professional on anti-glare design, provide stadium light distribution support, LED stadium lights efficient energy saving more than 80%.

BEON has been committed to sports lighting technology, a high-quality LED sports lighting system solution provider integrating design, sales, installation and service, focusing on providing sports lighting systems and technical solutions for large-scale sports events and college sports venues .

Over the years, BEON has provided a complete system from scheme design, product selection, installation guidance and system-wide after-sales service for large-scale events for domestic and foreign customers.

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We provide customers with professional sports lighting solutions for LED Stadium Light .
Beon has professional photoelectric parameter equipment, ready to provide accurate photoelectric parameters to meet your bidding requirements.

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Beon provide customers with professional sports lighting solutions.

You only need to provide a simple site size, and other lighting schemes are handed over to us for free simulation renderings.

Various intelligent control methods such as DALI, DMX, etc. are available, which can flexibly control lighting fixtures.

Schematic diagram of outdoor stadium lighting

LED stadium lighting generally adopts light poles, and 4 poles, 6 poles and 8 poles are commonly used to distribute lights. The installation height of lamps is generally about 10-12 m.

We can provide professional lighting solutions for free according to your requirements for the installation height and illuminance of the lamps.

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Hot Selling LED Stadium Light

High lumen to be 180lm/w
Bean Angle 30°60°90°/151*81°
LED Sports Light 100-277V 1000 watt
LED Stadium Flood Light 5000K
Value High Lumen LED Stadium Light
High Power Sports Light 1000W
LED Stadium Light innovator
LED Stadium Light Innovator

High Power, High Mast Flood Lights and LED Stadium Lights for Sale

Beon Offer One Stop Lighting Solutions
& Strong Customer Service

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LED Stadium LightExported to more than 100+ countries

Energy saving technology
Energy Saving Technology
light control technology
Light Control Technology
Anti-glare technique
Anti-glare Technology
Anti-spill light technology
Anti-spill Light Technology
patented technology
Patented Technology
heat dissipation technology
Heat Dissipation Technology
Lighting safety guarantee
Lighting Safety Guarantee
Installation service support
Installation Service Support

Experienced supplier in LED lighting industry for 26 years.

OEM/ODM service are available, welcome custom sample order.

Thanks for your attention on our LED Stadium Light.

Q1. What are LED Stadium Lights?

A:LED Stadium lights, as the name suggests, are a type of lights used in stadiums. This is a very common lighting device. The main function of the stadium is lighting. We all know that many games or training are held at night, so the lighting equipment must be good. The stadium light is a kind of lighting equipment specially designed for stadium lighting, which is widely used in today’s stadiums.

Q2. What are the characteristics of LED stadium lights ?

A: The lighting of the stadium mainly has the following three characteristics.

  1. One feature is high brightness. The stadium is very large, so the brightness of the stadium lighting must be high, so that it can be effectively illuminated.
  2. Another feature is the long service life of the stadium lights. Because the installation of stadium lights is troublesome, the service life must be long, and frequent replacement and installation should be avoided.
  3. Third, the lighting power of the stadium is relatively large, and the power consumption is very serious.
Q3.What kind of lamps can be suitable for LED stadium lighting? ?

A: The quality of LED stadium lighting mainly depends on the level of illumination, the uniformity of illumination and the degree of glare control. The degree of glare produced by the lamps depends on the density, projection direction, quantity, viewing position in the arena, ambient brightness, etc. of the lamps.

Relatively speaking, the training field only needs to install simple lamps; while large stadiums need to install more lamps, and by controlling the light beams, the purpose of high illumination and low glare can be achieved.

Q4. What are the installation ways of LED stadium lighting??

A:The installation methods of LED stadium lighting lamps are mainly installed on the horse track and on the light pole. The situation of installing on the horse track mainly appears in the stadium with auditorium, and the lamps are installed on the horse track on the auditorium. The rest are basically installed on the light pole.

As far as football fields are concerned, the common light pole heights are as follows. The height of light poles in five-a-side football fields is usually between 8 and 15 meters; the height of light poles in seven-a-side football fields is often between 12 and 20 meters; The height of light poles in one-man football fields is often between 15 and 25 meters; the height of light poles in track and field fields is often between 25 and 35 meters.

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