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LED Fishing Light Driver | Beon 1996

LED Fishing Light is a lamp with LED as the light source. Its advantages include power saving, low temperature, long life, high brightness, etc. At the same time, the color temperature of its light source is also suitable for the visual needs of fish. Commonly used colors of LED fish collecting lights include white light, blue light, green light, etc. The appropriate color can be selected according to the preferences of different fish species for illumination. In addition, because LED fish collecting lights do not cause harm to fish, they are widely used in various farms, ocean collection and other occasions.

LED Fishing Light Driver 1000W

1, Input Voltage:Full input voltage: AC 100-277V, derating protection below 180V.

2,Pass EMC-Anti-interference :It does not affect the use of wireless equipment such as walkie-talkies, reef instruments, and navigators, and is not affected by radio waves from other electrical appliances and shipboard instruments.

3,Smart Design:Intelligent driver, lightning protection, SPD: 10KV, with 12V auxiliary power supply for fan.

4, No flicker, High Efficiency:Bipolar architecture, No flicker, High efficiency up to 97%.

5, Bipolar architecture, No flicker, High efficiency up to 97%:The driver has built-in over-temperature protection and external over-temperature protection.

6, Soft start: When high-power equipment and lamps on a fishing boat are started, the load current may reach a very high value instantly, which will put a lot of pressure on the led driver. Using a slow-start led driver can effectively avoid power supply overload, protecting the stability and life of the fishing lamp.

Beon led fishing light driver 1000W
4 color led fish lamp-benan

Advantages Of Beon Fishing Light

Beon LED Fishing lights are the best I’ve seen, I have been night fishing for years and this light is the brightest made. It’s a light that will last for years. – Jorden Kol.
✔ Upgraded to over 150,000 Lumens Bright
✔ Industry Leading 5 years Warranty
✔ 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
✔ Full color range: Green,Blue,Yellow,White, Red
✔ 50,000 Hour Led Life Expectancy
✔ IP67 Waterproof Rating
  • More Efficient: 150,000 lumens high- brightness and high-scene LED fishing lamps can greatly improve the fishing efficiency by more than 30%.
  • Save Up Fuel: No need for lamps with ballasts, saving space on the boat, saving fuel.
  • Fast Activate: It works in full lighting instantly, while the metal halide light bulb need to take 10-20 minutes to warm up.
  • Less Pollution: Environmental friendly, no mercury. No UV Rays and damage to eyes and skin.
  • More Versatile: Shared by the original marine electricity system(220V). 
  • More Safe : THD <10%, protect marine instruments from any harmonic disturbance.

Underwater Fishing Light 3000W

Why Use Beon Underwater Fishing Light?

  1. Color selection: Different fish have different sensitivity to light color, so we set up a variety of colors to choose:Green,Blue,Yellow,White, Red.
  2. Ultra-high brightness: Using imported LED lamp beads, 100% full power, ensuring ultra-high brightness and penetration in water bodies.
  3. Core patent: The full range of products covers 50W~3000W. High power output uses water flow perforation for heat dissipation, which does not burn out the lamp and has long life. Original design is protected by national patent.
  4. Quality assurance: After production, 100% full inspection, including IP68 (100m water depth)/wiring/power/durability.
underwater fishing lamp 3000W

LED Fishing Light Driver Supplier In China

OEM/ODM service are available, welcome custom sample order

Q1. How do you think of LED Fishing Light VS Metal Halide Lamp?

As you can see in below picture, Same power 1000W LED fishing light can have more Lumen than Metal Halide lamp.

Also LED fishing light lumen depreciation is less than Metal Halide lamp. Lifetime is 6 times better than it.

LED fishing light have Energy conservation and environment protection and dimming function.

The LED fishing light driver has advanced technology.

led fishing light VS metal halide lamp

Q2. Are you the manufacturer of LED Fishing Light Driver ?

Yes, We make the LED fishing light driver and LED fishing light by ourselves. We have professional R&D team can support client to do own design LED fishing light drivers too. Welcome to contact us.

Q3. What Is The Installation Precautions For LED Fishing Light?
1, The area where the fishing light installed must have a strong bearing capacity.
2, The working power supply of led fishing lamp is high-voltage alternating current, so it cannot be placed in an area easily accessible to people. Do a good job in grounding the fishing lights and grounding wires.
3, Since the fishing lamp is a power-type device and is sensitive to the ambient temperature, its lifespan will be significantly reduced when the temperature is too high, there will be superficial signs of serious light attenuation. Therefore, the fishing lamp should be placed in a ventilated place and should have a good heat dissipation environment.
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