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Whether you’re making your own LED fixtures, fixing and retrofitting existing fixtures, or purchasing new LED lights, you need to find the right led driver for your lamps. You need a constant current LED driver or a constant voltage LED driver(or a combination of both) to make your LED lamps work properly.

There are many different factors to consider when choosing a led driver for LED lighting. Welcome to contact our professional sales team and help you provide a suitable LED driver!

Why choose us?
BEON has a senior software and hardware R & D team, strict quality management team and advanced production equipment.
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•Private logo accepted •New driver design accepted •7 days fast delivery for standard products
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Just let us know your details request, our sales team and engineers team can support you to do full solution
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Beon Power

Main Advantages For
BEON Constant Current LED Driver

  1. High Reliability: Especially like the Constant Current led driver  of LED street lights, installed at high altitude, inconvenient maintenance, maintenance cost is large.
  2. High efficiency: LED for energy-saving products, the higher the efficiency of the led drivers, the smaller heat in the lamp, can delay the LED light decay. Our model: 509N7, 904F, 509X6E and other series products can reach the highest efficiency of 95%.
  3. High power factor: Generally power below 24W, there is no mandatory indicator, and above 25W, the national standard must PF> 0.9.
  4. LED surge protection ability, the lamp is vulnerable to the surge current in the power grid and the impact of outdoor lightning induction current when in use, resulting in LED damage. Constant Current LED driver is constantly improving the protection ability to inhibit surge intrusion, our company’s led driver standard surge prevention: 4.0KV/6.0KV, also equipped with 10KV/20KV SPD and so on.
  5. Conversion efficiency: The national standard EFF value of LED drive power supply: 85%, Beon led drivers are all greater than 88%, up to 95%.
3 in 1 dimming
3 in 1 Dimming Function
1-10V, PWM,Resistance dimming
Surge protection and waterproof
Surge Protection & Waterproof
SPD:6/10KV, IP67 Waterproof
High efficiency
High Efficiency
Efficiency > 95%
Low THD<10%
safety certification
Safety Certification
5 years warranty
5 Years Warranty
50,000hrs Lifetime


Constant Current LED Drivers are widely used in outdoor lighting, plant lighting, industrial lighting, landscape lighting, smart lighting and other mainstream applications in the market.

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For High-Power
Constant Current LED Drivers

Since 1996,Focus on producing high-quality high-power LED drivers .

We insist on being market-oriented, taking industry technology as our responsibility, providing customers with quality products and services,making unremitting efforts to make human life more intelligent.

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