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Since LED light entered the field of general lighting, they have gradually replaced traditional light and increasingly occupied the core field of lighting. In addition to long life, low energy consumption, no pollution, no mercury and other advantages that traditional light sources do not have, LED light are also controllable/dimmable. Strong durability is a distinctive feature of LED light. Let LED give full play to its innate advantages in the field of dimming, and make it “controllable and adjustable” at any time according to people’s lighting needs.

BEON shares 5 common dimming methods on the market,which can support you to do best LED Intelligent Lighting.

0/1-10V Dimming LED Driver

0-10v dimming is divided into: 0/1-10v, PWM, adjustable resistor dimming.

0/1-10v dimming principle: The power supply is designed with a control chip. When connected to a 0-10V or 1-10v dimmer, the power supply output current is changed through the 0/1-10V voltage change. When it is 1-10V dimming, when the dimming signal voltage is 1V, it is the darkest, and when it is lower than 1V, the light goes off between 0V. If it is 0-10V dimming, it will still light up at 1V until it is completely off at 0V. Therefore, if it does not jump to 0V, it will not be completely off, and there will be power consumption and electricity consumption.

The difference between 0-10v and 1-10v dimming: the turn-on and turn-off voltages of lamps are different. 0-10V dimming turns on at 0.3V, and turns off the lamp output when it is lower than 0.3V; 1-10V dimming at 0.7~ Turn on at 0.8V, turn off the lamp output when the signal is lower than 0.6V.

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PWM Dimming LED Driver

PWM dimming (PulseWidthModulation) is a common dimming technology and is widely used in the lighting field. By controlling the switching frequency and duty cycle of the current, PWM dimming can achieve precise control of light brightness.

PWM dimming technology has the advantages of wide dimming range, high accuracy and high energy efficiency, so it is widely used in the lighting field. Whether it is indoor lighting, stage lighting or automotive lighting, PWM dimming can meet the needs of different scenes and provide a comfortable lighting environment and lighting effects.

Triac Dimming LED Driver

Triac dimming has been used in incandescent lamp and energy-saving lamp dimming methods earlier, and it is also the most widely used dimming method in LED Intelligent Lighting.

Triac Dimming is a kind of physical dimming. Starting from AC phase 0, the input voltage is chopped, and there is no voltage input until the SCR is turned on. The working principle is to generate a tangential output voltage waveform after cutting the input voltage waveform through the conduction angle. Applying the tangential principle can reduce the effective value of the output voltage, thereby reducing the power of ordinary loads (resistive loads).

Beon’s Triac Dimming LED driver has a wide dimming range, is compatible with front and rear edge dimming, has good dimming effect, strong compatibility, and the effect is very satisfactory!

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DALI Dimming LED Driver

DALI uses digital signals to control dimming. Each lamp corresponds to an address, so it can communicate directly with the components in the lamp to achieve intelligent single lamp control and arbitrary grouping. The DALI standard has defined a DALI network, including a maximum of 64 units (can be independently addressed), 16 groups and 16 scenes. . DALI wiring is simple and flexible, the strong and weak current circuits are independent of each other, and the lighting can range from 1% to 100%. It is a powerful system that is easy to install and control. In practical applications, a typical DALI system application can control 40 to 50 lights, which can be divided into 16 groups, and can process some controls/scenes in parallel.

The advantage of DALI is that it has special protocol provisions, which enhances product interoperability between different brands, and each DALI device has a separate address code, making it truly controllable by a single lamp. Two-way communication facilitates timely query and understanding of equipment status and information.

DMX512 Dimming LED Driver

DMX is the abbreviation of Digital Multiplex, which means multiple digital transmission. One interface can connect up to 512 channels, so literally we can know that this device is a digital transmission dimming device with 512 dimming channels. The dimming principle is similar to other dimming systems.

To put it simply, the 8-bit dimming data is sent to the corresponding channel through the programmed program, and the sequence is sent to the DMX controller – the receiving decoder – the LED lamp. By encoding each receiving end, it is similar to giving them an ID. , after the DMX receiving end receives the DMX signal, it converts it into an analog signal to drive the LED. The signal sent by the DMX controller is not processed by the receiving end. Each receiving end below receives the same command, but each receiving end has a different code. The speed of the signal given to the LED by the receiving end is different, so LEDs can be combined to produce different changing effects, that is, the time difference between the lights receiving the command is used to display the changes in the light.

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Intelligent Lighting LED Driver Supplier In China

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Q1. What is Intelligent Lighting control system ?

The intelligent control system of lighting is the intelligent control and management system of lighting by dimmable LED driver.

Compared with the traditional lighting, it can mainly achieve the dimming of the lamp, one-button scene, one-to-one remote control and partition light full on and off management, the most important control mode is wireless remote control, timing control, centralized control, and even remote control. Thus, the functions of energy saving, environmental protection, comfort and convenience of intelligent lighting are achieved.

Q2. What is the difference between Dimming led driver to ordinary driver?

1, LED dimming driver, with illumination automatic adjustment, time setting, scene setting, multi-control switch, energy saving and consumption reduction features. The light of normal led driver can not be adjusted, and the light intensity is fixed after the power is switched on.

2, The LED dimming driver for its production cost and technical content are high, of course, the price will be higher than the ordinary driver.

3,  Application different: dimming led drivers use in sports lighting, tunnel lighting and other special scenes are necessary. And some occasions must be ordinary lamps, such as production workshop lights, searchlights, etc.


Q3. Do Intelligent Dimming LED Drivers save electricity?

For example, the road lighting uses beon Intelligent Dimming LED Drivers, which can save power by automatically adjusting the brightness, energy-saving mode and remote monitoring.

Smart street lights with beon led dimming driver can achieve intelligent management and energy saving functions, which can not only reduce energy waste, reduce energy consumption, but also improve the service life of street lights and reduce maintenance costs.

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