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LED Drivers For Industrial Lighting

Industrial facilities have a wide range of applications that require different lighting standards depending on the needs of the specific space.

Whether it is a warehouse, manufacturing plant or large shopping mall, large area spaces require precise optical control to improve visibility and safety and minimize maintenance efforts.

Users need to choose LED drivers with good durability to withstand more complex and harsh environments and provide high-quality lighting and durability. As a professional led driver manufacturer, Beon has good experiences to support the best led drivers for Industrial lighting.

50W 1500mA Industrial Lighting LED Drivers

Model No.:7025
  • Constant Current Output from 50Watt to 100Watt
  • IP65 Waterproof for Industrial Lighting
  • Voltage-in: AC100-265V
  • Isolated constant cunent driver
  • Conversion Efficiency: 90%
  • THD: <10% ;  IP65
  • Protection: LVP+OVP+OTP+SCP
  • SPD: DM 6KV + CM 6KV
  • Operating Temp:-40℃ to +55℃
  • Lifetime of over 50,000 hours, 5-year warranty
  • Certificate:CE, CB, CCC, RoHS, FCC
led driver 50W 1500ma
BEON 7033-50W-1

Constant Current Isolated LED Driver

Model No.:7033
  • Constant Current Output 50-150Watt
  • IP65 Waterproof for Industrial Lighting
  • AC Input Voltage:100-265V.
  • Protection: Short circuit/over temperature .
  • Efficiency:89%/ High PF>0.95/ THD<10%
  • Protection:OVP/OCP /SCP /OTP
  • Working Temperture:-40℃ ~ 60℃
  • Lifetime of over 35,000 hours, 3 years warranty

Isolated constant current LED driver

Model No.:804
  • Constant Current Output from 50Watt to 500Watt
  • IP66 Waterproof for Industrial Lighting
  • Rated input voltage range: 100~277Vac
  • Constant current output
  • Efficiency:88%/ High PF>0.95/ THD<15%
  • Protection:OVP/OCP /SCP /OTP
  • Surge protection: DM 6KV, CM 6KV
  • Lifetime of over 50,000 hours, 5-year warranty
led driver 8043

0-10V Dimmable LED Driver

Model No.:904F
  • Constant Current Output from 100Watt to 240Watt
  • IP67 Waterproof for Industrial Lighting
  • Voltage-in: AC90-277V
  • Output programing adjustable
  • Driver type: constant current
  • Efficiency: 95%   THD:<10%
  • Dimming: 1-10V/0-10V/PWM/Negative logic Isolated for output&dimming signal
  • Protection: LVP+OVP+OTP+SCP
  • SPD: DM 4KV+CM 6KV
  • Lifetime of over 50,000 hours, 5-year warranty
  • Certificate:CE, CB, CCC, RoHS, FCC

Beon Drivers Fit For Industrial Lighting Models

FLS03 led flood light 1000W 2
Basic Model
led flood light BA-FL033
Mid-east Model
led flood light BA-FL035
High Power Model
Power: 200W-500W
led flood light flf11-150w
Long Lifetime Model
Power: 50W-200W
COB Super Bright Model
BA-FLR07 led flood light-BEON
Module Flood Light
Stable and safe
Stable And Safe
Factors such as vibration, shock and high temperature will occur during use, which will affect the life and stability of the Industrial Lighting.
Durable and long lasting
Durable and long lasting
The longer lifetime has the better quality. Our LED drivers can do 100,000 hrs lifetime and 7 years warranty.
high quality LED
LED High Efficiency
For Industrial Lighting, high-efficiency luminaires can provide very significant cost savings during use. Our Led drivers can do 95%.
Surge protection
Beon led drivers comes with 4KV-10KV SPD, improve the lamp lifetime, and better adapt to the power grid environment.

Experienced supplier in Industrial Lighting LED Drivers for 26 years.

OEM/ODM service are available, welcome custom sample order.

Thanks for your attention on our Industrial Lighting Drivers.

Q1. How do we choose a good quality LED Industrial Light?

Position: Determining the position of LED Industrial Light will help you move forward to the next step of selection. They can be installed on buildings, walls, ceilings or sports facilities, etc.

Beam Angle: Simulations are often required to determine the exact beam angle. For example, for large stadium lighting, 25 light distribution is generally used.

Smart lighting functions: In addition to standard solutions, there will be more smart options to provide more energy-efficient floodlights. You can choose a motion sensor floodlight that turns on when it detects any movement, you can choose a floodlight with time dimming control or DALl control.

Lumen: Choose the right lumen based on your project requirements and budget.

LED Driver: LED Industrial Lights are usually installed outdoors, and there are always many complex environments, such as rain, lightning, etc. Therefore, it is very important to choose a good driver who is also a light manufacturer.

Q2. What driver is best for LED Industrial Light?

1. Constant current LED driver: LED Industrial Lights usually use LED as a light source, and LED requires a constant current to work. The constant current led driver solution can provide a stable current output to ensure the brightness and life of the LED. In addition, the constant current led driver scheme can also provide over current protection to prevent excessive current damage to the LED.

2. Multi-stage led drivers: High-power LED Industrial Light usually require a higher voltage to drive, and the voltage of the mains supply is usually lower. Therefore, the multi-stage led drivers can convert the low voltage of the mains into high voltage to meet the needs of LED Industrial Lights. Multistage led driver solutions can also provide voltage stability and power factor correction to improve energy efficiency.

3, Intelligent led driver:LED Industrial Lights usually need to be adjusted according to different environments and needs. Intelligent led driver solutions can automatically adjust brightness and working mode according to factors such as light intensity, time and the surrounding environment to improve energy efficiency and the service life of street lights. The intelligent led driver solution can also provide remote monitoring and fault alarm functions for easy maintenance and management.

4. Efficient led driver: LED Industrial Lights usually require higher power output, and efficient led drivers can provide higher energy utilization and lower energy loss. For example, the use of efficient switching power supplies and power factor correction technology can reduce energy waste and load on the grid.

Q6. How to deal with the defective of led drivers?

A: All of our product are produced in strict quality control system, the defective rate is less than 0.2% according to our shipment records. We offer 5 years warranty for LED street light drivers, if there is any defective during the warranty, please provide the picture or video for the working situation of the defective drivers, we will ship the new lights to you within a few days or send it together with your next order.

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