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  • LED711-200
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  • FLS05 400w
  • LED711-500W
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  • LED711-200
  • LED711-300
  • FLS05 400w
  • LED711-500W
  • LED-711-300W-(2)

FLS05 LED Flood Light 200 watt to 500 watt


  • AC Input Voltage: 100-265V.
  • Power: 200W,300W,400W,500W
  • Chip brand: Epistar/Philips
  • CCT: 3000K-6500K   PF>0.90
  • Driver: Beon/Moso/Meanwell
  • Material:Aluminum+Toughened Glass+PC lens
  • Protection: IP66   IK08
  • Beam Angle:30° /60°/90°
  • Lifetime of over 50,000 hours, 5 years warranty
  • Certificate:CE, CB, CCC, RoHS

Product Description

LED Flood Light 200 watt can do 26000 lumens by 130 lm/w. The max can do 180 lm/w for finish lamp.

The high energy efficiency of the FLS05 LED Flood Light 200 watt saves a lot of energy compared to traditional halogen bulbs. It is an ideal replacement for existing 400-watt metal halide lamps when energy efficiency is a priority.

It is also equipped with a 0-10V dimmable driver, and surge protection can be used at 4KV, 6KV, and 10KV, which greatly increases the safety and service life of the lamp. This FLS05 floodlight also has a variety of lighting angles: 30°/60°/90°

This FLS05 floodlight is well as IP66 and High Impact IK08 Rated and can operate from -40°C to +85°C. 

Beon is providing a perfect solution for outdoor projects, such as Lighting solutions service :Lighting and circuitry design, Onsite metering, DIALux evo layout, LitePro DLX layout, auto CAD layout, Agi32 layout, Project Installation.


Technical Data

Item series BA-FLS05
Product name LED Flood Light
Input voltage AC 100-265V~50/60Hz
Power 200W,300W,400W,500W
Light effect 130 Im/W
Driver Beon Driver/Meanwell/MOSO
Color temperature 6000k/4000k/3000k
Color rendering Index(CRI) Ra>70
Color tolerance adjustment <10SDCM
Power factor >0.95
THD <15%
Efficency >90%
CCT 6500K
Working temperature -35°C— +50°C
Surge protection 4KV/10KV
Protection Grade IP66
Protection class IK08
Housing Powder Akzo powder – Dark Grey
Installs Way Lamp post installation or wall installation
Lifespan  50000 hours
Warranty 3-5 years warranty
  • high-quality lighting factory
    LED PCB Board Test

    Focus on high quality outdoor lights,Create a high quality light environment.

    Do a company that deserves the respect of customers.

  • waterproof test
    Waterproof Test

    We have cooperation test lab can provide reliability tests including: salt spray/IP waterproof and dustproof/temperature/humidity/aging/hot and cold shock/gas corrosion/HAST/drop/vibration/shock/plug force/HALT, etc.

    EMC Test Room

    EMC test including:RadiaTion, ConducTion, Power radiation, MagneTIcEmission, LowFre, Electrostatic Discharge, Radiation immunity (R/S) ,Pulse group immunity (EFT/B),SURGE immunity, Conducted strong noise immunity,Power frequency magnetic field immunity (M/S) etc.


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20+ years
Production Experience
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20000 m²+
Factory Area
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Patent Technology
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20+ Engineers
Professional R&D Team

New Design For LED Flood Light 200W-500W

We found from the demands of our customers that the era of thick and bulky floodlights has long passed. Lightness, ultra-thin and convenience are what customers are currently pursuing. For various indoor and outdoor lighting projects, it is indeed more suitable. Practical, consistent with zero dead ends of the building, and accurate to every position that needs to be illuminated.

Therefore, the beon R&D team integrated new design concepts into LEDs to make the lamp body thinner and lighter. After assembling the finished lamp, there was a major breakthrough in thickness and weight.

One of its design highlights is the heat dissipation fin three-dimensional air duct technology. This design provides sufficient cold air inlet by leaving air intake space at the bottom of the radiator, allowing cold air to enter smoothly around the bottom of the radiator to form a good natural convection heat dissipation cycle.

By combining the fins with the all-aluminum whole lamp heat dissipation structure, adopting better thermal dynamics design and more optimized convection conduction method of the lamp, all-round heat dissipation is achieved, and the ultra-thin streamlined appearance design is achieved. LED products with the same wattage are 30% lighter than ordinary lightweight products on the market.

led flood light 200W-500W
compare for light efficiency

Beon FLS05 200W LED Flood Light VS Traditional 200W Floodlight

Compared with traditional floodlights, the light efficiency is increased by 50%;

The lamp life is up to 50,000 hours, saving more than 80% of electricity;

Intelligent constant current drive technology breaks through the bottleneck of power supply life;


300W Led Floodlight Installation Height

The standard installation height of 200W-300W LED floodlights is 5 to 8 meters according to the lighting environment, because the environment will change the reflection efficiency of the lamps. Generally, the height of the lamps should be more than 8 meters, and the wires cannot be close to the floodlight shell. If necessary, the installation height should be less than 8 meters. 5 meters, protective measures must be taken to prevent vehicles from touching.

  1. Install the guardrail and drill holes in the wall. The difficulty is based on actual requirements, usually within 3 cm.
  2. Take anti-static measures, such as grounding the workbench and wearing corresponding anti-static clothing for workers, as LED floodlights of different grades have different qualities and different anti-static capabilities.
  3. Pay attention to the sealing during installation. Poor sealing and diameter affect the service life of the LED floodlight.
  4. The wiring of the LED floodlight should not exceed 25 centimeters. If the power is high, it can be lengthened accordingly. Otherwise, the brightness of the LED floodlight will be affected.
floodlight installation height

Feedback from Beon Customers

  1. Amy from Italy : very nice and lovely support. the 200 watt led flood lights are top quality, strongly recommend
  2. Savras Vladimir from Russia : I bought these lights to use for my horse arena. Bought 3 pcs 200 watt led flood lights to replace halogen lamps. These lights are super bright. My arena is 120’x 85’ and it lights it up like daytime. Easy to install. They turn on immediately and don’t need any warm up like my old lights did.
  3. Jack from Malaysia: I love everything about this supplier. they are fast always in contact and responsable.
  4. Joyce from the Philippines :I was very satisfied. The lighting is excellent. It is a quality product. The seller was very helpful.BA Light discus

Our Flood light Production Process

Raw Material for ADC12
What material for the flood light?

A: Our lamps are produced by professional designers and technicians combined with the most advanced manufacturing process and quality standards. The Aluminum housing are using ADC 12 to make sure the strong body and good heat dissipation.

diacasting workshop
How to produce the lamp housing?

Die casting aluminum lamp housing is a common manufacturing process, it uses die casting process, the aluminum alloy is melted into the mold, after cooling to form the lamp shell. This process has the advantages of high production efficiency, low cost and stable quality, so it is widely used in the lighting manufacturing industry.

beon factory 8
How to make a perfect lamp body?

The production of die-cast aluminum luminaire housings requires subsequent processing. The formed lamp shell needs to be deburred, polished, painted, etc. to achieve a beautiful, smooth and durable effect. These subsequent processing procedures need to be selected and operated according to the requirements of different lamp housings.

spray painting
How to make good quality spray painting?

Beon has a fully automatic spraying line, cleaning, drying, spraying, baking one, big cyclone automatic spraying powder, to achieve high quality spraying process.

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Q1, Can I have a sample order for LED Flood Light?

A: Yes, sample order to test and check quality is welcomed. Mixed samples are acceptable.For this model led flood light, we can offer 200 watt, 300 watt, 400 watt, 500 watt. If you need bigger power, we can suggest other model to do max 2000 watt.

Q2, How to deal with the defective?

A: All of our product are produced in strict quality control system, the defective rate is less than 0.2% according to our shipment records. We offer 3-5 years warranty for this product, if there is any defective during the warranty, please provide the picture or video for the working situation of the defective lights, we will ship the new lights to you within a few days or send it together with your next order.


A: Our experienced lighting designers can provide you professional DlAlux simulations and constructive LED lighting solutions. We know lighting standards of all applications well and we care about all of your projects. Not matter your case is big or small, we will always provide you solutions.

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