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Constant Current LED Driver For LED Street Light Modules

LED street lighting has become the go-to choice for cities and municipalities worldwide due to its energy efficiency, longevity, and environmental benefits. To power these street lights effectively, constant current LED drivers play a pivotal role.

In this blog, we’ll delve into the significance of constant current drivers and explore their features and applications.

Understanding Constant Current LED Drivers:

  1. What Are They?
    • Constant current LED drivers provide a consistent current output to LED modules, regardless of voltage fluctuations.
    • Unlike constant voltage drivers, which maintain a fixed voltage, constant current drivers ensure that LEDs receive a steady current within a specific voltage range.
  2. Why Are They Essential for Street Lights?
    • LED street lights often consist of multiple LED modules connected in series or parallel.
    • Constant current drivers ensure uniform illumination across all modules, preventing overcurrent or voltage spikes that could damage LED. 

        3. Features of Constant Current Drivers:

      • Precise Current Regulation: These drivers maintain a specific current (e.g., 1500mA, 700mA) to match LED requirements.
      • High Power Factor: With a power factor greater than 0.95, they minimize energy losses and improve overall efficiency.
      • Low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): THD remains below 15% throughout the line and load cycle.
      • Quasi-Resonant Mode: This mode optimizes efficiency and reduces stress on components.


What are the pain points of modular lamps on the market now?

The LED light module is a lighting fixture that integrates : LED lamp chips, circuit control, housing and other components. It has the characteristics of small size, good luminous effect, energy saving and environmental protection, and is widely used in indoor and outdoor lighting fields. Wiring is one of the key steps in using LED light modules.

  • How to avoid the risk of electric shock when wiring?
  • How to deal with weak wiring or poor contact?

Correct wiring methods can ensure the normal operation and safe use of LED light modules.

BEON provides convenient wiring led drivers for modular lighting fixtures,which not only improves work efficiency but also greatly improves safety performance.


  • High waterproof performance
  • High resistance to external pull off
  • High conductivity
  • High anti-aging

Constant Current LED Driver For LED Street Light Modules led driver connector


Features For This LED Module Driver:

1. This led driver power supply is equipped with a light source end female plug with high waterproof performance, high resistance to external force pull-off, high conductivity, and high anti-aging (high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance) when leaving the factory, which avoids the customer’s light source end plug. High plug-and-match costs and hidden quality issues;

2. Using this “Tool-free maintenance led driver” lamp, if the module light source is damaged, the damaged module can be easily replaced, avoiding the trouble of using multiple tools to dismantle the entire lamp and more time-consuming problems;

3. This “Tool-free maintenance led power supply” is not only easy to install and use when paired with a light source mother plug, but also has good waterproof performance and better insulation performance, which avoids the risk of leakage during the installation and use of lamps;

4. This “Tool-free maintenance led power supply” can be designed in flexible series and parallel according to the customer’s module light source voltage requirements. It is easy to use and greatly reduces the customer’s power purchase cost.



Application scope

The LED Modules light can using on Led Street Light, LED Flood Light, LED Garden Light, LED Tunnel Light, Stadium Light, High-pole Light etc.

Above led lightings are widely used in outdoor lighting places such as main roads, highways, streets, viaducts, squares, schools, residential areas, and industrial areas.

application for led module light


Selection list

For Example:

Use single led module 50W, 9 strings, input voltage 54V, which led driver power supply can be fit ?

LED light module series connection matches BEON LED power supply

BEON LED power supply

Description: The BA-509N7 series Constant Current LED Driver is a certified all-aluminum strip dual-stage flicker-free output programmable adjustable power supply.

X represents M/V/T respectively, where M represents :0-10V dimming led driver, V represents: no dimmable led driver , and T represents: Timing programmable led driver.

The above led driver 120W/led driver 150 watt can also be matched with the BA-904F series (output voltage range is 90V-150V).



Constant current LED drivers are the unsung heroes behind our well-lit streets and public spaces. Their ability to regulate current, maintain efficiency, and protect LEDs ensures a brighter, safer future. So next time you admire a beautifully illuminated street, remember the constant current driver silently doing its job!

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