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  • LED driver 906-100w
  • LED driver 906-150w
  • LED driver 906-200w
  • LED driver 906-300w
  • LED driver 906-100w
  • LED driver 906-150w
  • LED driver 906-200w
  • LED driver 906-300w

906 Series Dimmable LED Driver


  • Rated input voltage range: 180~265Vac
  • Constant current output
  • Protection: OVP/OCP /SCP /OTP
  • Output programming adjustable
  • Efficiency up to 90%/ High PF>0.95/ THD<15%
  • Dimming function:1-10V/1-5V/PWM/negative logic
  • Surge protection: DM 6KV, CM 6KV
  • Lifetime of over 50,000 hours, 5-year warranty
  • Certificate:CE, CB, CCC, RoHS, FCC

906 Series Dimmable Led Driver Constant Current

This series of products is specially designed for street lights and tunnel lights. It has high power factor, low standby power consumption, high reliability, good heat dissipation, and comprehensive protection. Conducive to the design of LED lights.

  • Adjustable output current potentiometer (P version)
  • Isolated dimming function: 1-10V/0-10V/15V/0-5V/ positive and negative logic (D version)
  • Programmable dimming function: time-controlled dimming (T version)

906 Series Dimmable LED Driver Technical Data

led driver 906 specification

Regarding BEON’s dimmable driver
you may concern about the following issues

LED driver dimming curve

1. Dimming function

When it comes to the performance and stability of dimming drivers, the following aspects are the focus of attention:

Smooth dimming: Users hope that the dimming driver can adjust the light brightness smoothly without obvious jumps or flickers. This is important for different lighting needs, such as in offices, homes, commercial spaces or outdoor environments.

Dimming curve: Dimming drivers usually have different dimming curves, such as linear type, S type,logarithmic etc. Users care about whether the driver supports the required curve types so that they can be adjusted according to specific application scenarios.

Dimming range: Users want to know the maximum and minimum brightness range of the dimming driver. Some applications require very low brightness, such as night lighting, while other applications require higher brightness.

Dimming response time: Users are concerned about the response time of the dimming driver. If the dimming speed is too slow, it may affect the user experience.

Electromagnetic compatibility: Are dimming drives sensitive to electromagnetic interference? Users hope that it can work stably in the electromagnetic environment without being affected by other electronic devices.

In short, users are highly concerned about the performance, curve type, range and response time of the dimming driver, because this directly affects the effect and user experience of the lighting system.

2. Compatibility Request

If the selected Dimmable led driver is not compatible with the dimming system or control system, problems such as dimming flicker may occur. 

Different LED dimming methods (such as PWM, 0-10V, DALI, etc.) require different types of drivers.

When selecting an LED dimming driver, users should carefully consider its compatibility with dimmers, power supplies and LED to ensure the normal operation of the lighting system.

led dimmable driver compatibility
5 years warranty beon electric

3. Lifetime Request

There are several keys to consider the lifetime on LED dimmable driver:

1 Electrolytic capacitor life:
The normal working life of the Dimmable LED Driver depends on the life of the electrolytic capacitor used.
The life of an electrolytic capacitor is related to its quality and operating temperature. The higher the capacitor temperature, the shorter its life. For example, for every 10°C increase in capacitor temperature, the lifespan will be halved.
2 Working temperature:
The life of an LED is closely related to its junction temperature (that is, the temperature of the semiconductor PN junction). The higher the junction temperature, the shorter the life. Lowering the junction temperature of an LED can extend its life, so heat dissipation design is crucial for LED dimmable drivers.
3 Power efficiency:
High-efficiency LED power supplies help reduce energy loss and heat generation. The power supply efficiency is high, and the heat generated by LED is small, which is beneficial to delaying light decay.
4 Surge protection:
LEDs have poor resistance to surges, especially reverse voltages. Enhanced surge protection helps prevent LEDs from being damaged by surge interference in the power grid system.
5 Protection functions:
In addition to the conventional protection functions, the Dimmable LED Driver should have LED temperature negative feedback to prevent the LED temperature from being too high. At the same time, safety regulations and electromagnetic compatibility requirements must be met.

In short, choosing a suitable and efficient Dimmable LED Driver is crucial to demonstrating the high-efficiency characteristics of the LED light source and extending its life.

BEON is offering 5 years warranty on our led drivers, we can provide you with the most suitable and efficient Dimmable LED Driver.

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Application for LED driver 906 Series

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Q1: What is a dimmable led driver?

A: LEDs are increasingly used in lighting fixtures. In addition to improving the quality of life, improving light source efficiency and extending the life of lamps, LEDs also use their unique dimmable functions to change the color temperature and brightness of the light, fully achieving the greatest advantages of energy-saving applications. The dimming performance of LED lighting fixtures depends on the matching dimmable led drivers.

Q2: What kind of dimmable led driver to choose?

A: When choosing a dimmable led driver, whether to choose a constant voltage power supply or a constant current power supply, first confirm whether the light source is a constant voltage circuit or a constant current circuit.

If you really cannot confirm the light source circuit, you can make a judgment based on the marked parameters of the lamp. If the input voltage is marked as: DC12V/24V, it is a constant voltage lamp. You can choose a constant voltage LED dimmable driver for dimming. Common constant voltage lamps include: LED light bars, light strips, LED guardrail tubes, etc.; 

If the marked output current is a constant value, for example 600mA, and the output voltage is a range value, such as 12-20V, it is a constant current lamp. You can choose to use a constant current power supply for dimming. Common constant current lamps include: downlights, Spotlights, ceiling lights, panel lights, etc.
Whether it is a constant voltage  dimmable driver or a constant current dimmable driver, BEON can provide it!

Q3:What’s the MOQ for your products?

A: We accept small orders from our customers. Please feel free to contact us.

Q4: May I have a sample for testing?

A: Yes! Only to pay shipping cost, free samples could be sent for testing.

Q5: How do I pay for the order?

A: You may pay by TT, Paypal, Western Union and Ali-baba online.Or you may also consult us.

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