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  • LED driver 902F-40W
  • LED driver 902F-100W
  • led driver 902F-150W
  • led driver 902F-200W
  • LED driver 902F-40W
  • LED driver 902F-100W
  • led driver 902F-150W
  • led driver 902F-200W

902F Series Led Driver 50W,100W,200W

Rated input voltage: 180-265V
Power: 50W,100W,150W,200W
Protection: OVP/OCP /SCP /OTP
Surge protection grade: CM 6KV /DM 6KV
Efficiency: ≥95%
THD: <10%
Maximum case temperature:  90℃
Warranty: 5 years

BA-902F Series
Led Driver 50W,100W,200W

BEON launches an economical 100w led driver to meet the market demand for low-cost floodlights. In order to rapidly expand its product line, it launches the BA-902F series.
The power supply adopts constant power design, power input range: 180~265VAC, constant current wide range output: 1100~4500mA. All models are filled with glue and have a waterproof rating of up to IP65. This series of products complies with international LED-related safety certifications EN55015, EN61347, EN61000-3-2,3, GB17743, GB17625.1, etc. 902F series provides an excellent solution for your indoor or outdoor lighting applications!

  • Isolation,flicker free, constant current mode output
  • It has super high efficiency  ≥95%
  • THD< 10%, PF>0.95
  • Compact plastic shell design, high safety
  • Fully potted with thermal silica gel
  • High reliability,high cost performance
  • CE,CB,CCC,RoHs Certificate

In order to make sure that each product is satisfied, our company has strict requirements on raw material inspection.

Bad quality components will be aging so fast: including resistors, capacitors, diodes, triodes, RF connectors, IC …  Also problem like: short circuit fault, damage, power failure, function failure, electrical parameters not pass, non-smooth invalid and other invalid problems.

High quality LED driver

PCB quality problems:Including PCB, PCBA poor wetting, burst board, layering, CAF, approach, short circuit fault and a series of ineffective problems.

We are using 1.2 mm thickness PCB , It is no easy to deformed and better to control all components are fixed well on board.

LED driver PCB board

LED power supply is composed of electronic components, which are particularly sensitive to temperature. Such as electrolytic capacitors, the life estimation formula of circulating electrolytic capacitors is calculated as “For every 10 degrees drop in temperature, the service life is doubled”, and poor heat dissipation is likely to greatly shorten its service life.

Engineer design

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