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  • 804 Series LED Power Supply
  • 804-200W LED Power Supply
  • 804-150W LED Power Supply
  • 804-200W LED Power Supply front
  • 8045-50W LED Power Supply
  • 804 Series LED Power Supply
  • 804-200W LED Power Supply
  • 804-150W LED Power Supply
  • 804-200W LED Power Supply front
  • 8045-50W LED Power Supply

Industry Lighting 804 Series LED Power Supply


  • Rated input voltage range: 100~277Vac
  • Constant current output
  • Efficiency:88%/ High PF>0.95/ THD<15%
  • Protection:OVP/OCP /SCP /OTP
  • Surge protection: DM 6KV, CM 6KV
  • Lifetime of over 50,000 hours, 5-year warranty

What is an LED power supply?

LED power supply is a power converter that converts the power supply into a specific voltage and current to drive the LED to emit light.

Normally: the input of the LED power supply includes

  • high-voltage industrial frequency AC (i.e., mains power)
  • low-voltage DC
  • high-voltage DC
  • low-voltage high-frequency AC (such as the output of an electronic transformer), etc.

The output of the LED power supply is mostly a constant current source that changes the voltage as the LED forward voltage drop value changes.

Technical Data

Beon LED driver catalog 23-24_19

Production Line Pictures


Solder Paste on PCB

Purpose:Print the solder paste (or red glue) on the corresponding position of the PCB.

Quality requirements:1, the solder paste must be a regular shape; 2, use a magnifying glass to check the solder paste printing effect, if there is poor printing, then the front printed products, need to carry out a full inspection;

Plug-in production line

1. Check whether the required production model is consistent with the scheduled production model.

2. Check whether the material is consistent with the BOM list.

3. Check whether the electrostatic bracelet is grounded and keeps it tight to the skin of the hand.

4. The plug-in process should comply with the principle of small after large, short after high; The front station element cannot affect the rear station element plug-in.

5. After the plug-in is finished, check the current process carefully, whether there is wrong insertion, insertion reverse, missing insertion, high piece phenomenon.

BA LIGHT quality control
check and solder circuit boards

Check and solder circuit boards

1. Check whether the cutting foot height meets requirements.

2. Check whether the board after tin meets the requirements. If the defective rate exceeds 5%, it needs to be returned to the previous process for rework.

3. Confirm that the positive and negative electrodes of the welding wire are consistent with the requirements of the circuit board, and the input and output colors are consistent with the requirements.

100% Aging Test

According to the requirements of led power supply characteristics, the aging is divided into three gears (low-voltage impact gear AC90V, high-voltage impact gear AC270V, normal voltage AC220V), and the total running time is 4 hours.

driver aging

What power supply do I need for LED?

1. High reliability  Especially the driving power supply of LED street lights, which is installed at high altitude and has a waterproof aluminum shell. If the quality is good, it will not break easily and reduce the number of maintenance times.

2. High-efficiency LEDs are energy-saving products. The luminous efficiency of LEDs decreases as the temperature of the LEDs increases, so the heat dissipation of LEDs is very important. The efficiency of the power supply is high, its power consumption is small, and the heat generated in the lamp is small, which also reduces the temperature rise of the lamp. It is beneficial to delay the light decay of LED.

3. High power factor Power factor is the requirement of the power grid for the load. Generally, there are no mandatory indicators for electrical appliances below 50 watts. Although the power factors of individual electrical appliances with low power will have little impact on the power grid, if everyone lights up lights at night and the same type of load is too concentrated, it will cause serious pollution to the power grid.

4. There are two common driving methods: one is a constant voltage power supply, and each constant current source supplies power to each LED individually. In this way, the combination is flexible. If one LED fails, it will not affect the work of other LEDs, but the cost will be slightly higher. The other is direct constant current power supply, with LEDs running in series or parallel. Its advantage is that the cost is lower, but the flexibility is poor. It also needs to solve the problem of a certain LED failure that will affect the operation of other LEDs.

5. Surge protection LED’s ability to withstand surges is relatively poor, especially its ability to withstand reverse voltage. Strengthening protection in this area is important. Some LED lights are installed outdoors, such as LED street lights. Due to the switching of the power grid load and the induction of lightning strikes, various surges will invade from the power grid system, and some surges will cause damage to the LED. Therefore, the LED driving power supply must have the ability to suppress surge intrusion and protect the LED from damage.

6. Protection function In addition to the conventional protection function of the power supply, it is best to add LED temperature negative feedback to the constant current output to prevent the LED temperature from being too high.

7. In terms of protection, if the lamp is externally installed, the power supply structure must be waterproof and moisture-proof, and the outer casing must be light-resistant.

8. The life of the driving power supply must match the life of the LED.

9. Must comply with safety regulations and electromagnetic compatibility requirements.

As the application of LED becomes more and more widespread, the performance of LED power supply will become more and more suitable for the requirements of LED.

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Application for LED Power Supply

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LED Street lighting
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Industrial lighting
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Q1: What is the MOQ?

A: LED Power Supply Small order welcome, MOQ=1PC.

Q2: What about the lead time and shipment?

A: Standard ( popular model ) can be ship within 3 day, bulk order can be delivered within 10~30 days.
For shipping, we often use DHL, FedEx, UPS, and TNT. For bulk order, we recommend to send goods by Air or by Sea to save your transportation cost.

Q3: How would you guarantee my order?

A: Order will be followed as required strictly with the support from engineers & QC, sincerely we are seeking a long term cooperation, and deals on platform would be the biggest guarantee for you if any worries.

Q4: What is your payment terms?

A:  We accept pay via Bank Transfer, Paypal, Western Union and Alibaba Trade Assurance.

Q5: Do you have any certifications?

A: All of our products have CE certificate; some series have special CB,FCC certificate.

Q6: Why choose you?

A: Here list our advantages as below:

  • 20 years Manufacturer.
  • Offer 5-7years warranty.
  • Stable quality, burn-in tests with 100% full load.
  • More than 5 years cooperation with 80% customers.
  • Manufacturer of full rangeLED power supply.
  • Professionalproduction lines, customized process for each product, ensuring 100% on-time delivery
  • With global product certifications: CE, RoHs, SAA, FCC, SASO, TUV, BIS approved.
  • Products have been used in many projects, suchas 2020 Putin Office Building & Putin Hotel in Russia,2021 Yibin Tunnel Project in Sichuan Province,2023 Guangzhou Baiyun Avenue Tunnel Project


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