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  • BEON 7033-50W-1
  • BEON 7033-50W-2
  • BEON 7033-50W-3
  • BEON 7033-50W BOARD
  • BEON 7033-50W-1
  • BEON 7033-50W-2
  • BEON 7033-50W-3
  • BEON 7033-50W BOARD

703 Series LED Driver 50 Watt


  • Rated input voltage range: 100~265Vac
  • Constant current output
  • Isolated Design, SPD 4/6 KV
  • Efficiency:89%/ High PF>0.95/ THD<10%
  • Protection:OVP/OCP /SCP /OTP
  • Working Temperture:-40℃ ~ 60℃
  • Lifetime of over 35,000 hours, 3 years warranty

High-Quality High-Reliability LED Driver 50 Watt

BEON’s 703 50W LED driver has some advantages, let’s take a look:


1, High quality and reliability: BEON is committed to creating high-quality, high-reliability power supply products. Their LED drivers are rigorously tested to ensure stable performance.

2, Wide range of applications: This 50W LED driver is suitable for municipal, road, tunnel lighting, and other outdoor lighting applications.

3, Multiple output voltage options: BEON’s driver provides constant and adjustable power within the mainstream output voltage range of 30-36V and 42-58V to meet the needs of different LED lamps.

4, High conversion efficiency: This isolated driver has a high conversion efficiency of 89%, which helps save energy and reduce energy loss.

5, Lightning surge protection: The driver has a 4/6KV lightning surge protection level to protect LED lamps from surge interference in the power grid.

All in all, Beon’s 50W LED driver is a high-quality product worth considering for a variety of outdoor lighting projects.

Beon LED Driver 50 Watt Technical Data

BA-703 series is a isolated constant current driver. This series of products is designed for LED lighting internal usage. With wide input voltage range, suitable for many kinds of LED lighting such as:LED street light, LED garden light, LED flood light, LED high bay light, etc. THD<10%. Compact plastic housing design. Safe, and it’s full potted with thermal silicon gel, to ensure good heat dissipation and waterproof performance. Reliable, high cost performance.


LED Driver 703 series

Beon Production Line Pictures

Raw Material Checking

Raw Material Test

Incoming material inspection is crucial to ensure the quality of LED driver power supplies.

BEON has passed ISO9001 quality certification and conducts strict quality control on incoming raw materials to ensure that our LED driver power supply meets the requirements.


When we manufactures LED drivers, our factory will use automatic optical inspection (AOI) technology for inspection.

The AOI system can automatically locate and detect LED chips through imaging and image processing, thereby reducing worker labor intensity, reducing misjudgment rates, and greatly improving Work efficiency.

Automatic glue filling machine

Automatic Glue Filling

When producing LED driver, Beon use automatic glue filling machines and vacuuming equipment.

All our LED drivers are injected with 100% silicone, and air is removed during the glue filling process to ensure that the glue fully fills the inside of the product to avoid air bubbles and uneven Glue.

Not only improve production efficiency, But also ensures the stability of product quality and achieves true IP67 waterproofing.

100% Aging Test For All 50 watt Drivers

The input voltage for BEON LED Driver 50 Watt is  AC100~265V.

According to the requirements of product characteristics, the aging is divided into three gears (low-voltage impact gear AC90V, high-voltage impact gear AC270V, normal voltage AC220V), and the total running time is 4 hours.

led driver aging test

3 Types 50 watt LED Drivers In the Market

There are many types of LED drivers in the market, the quality and price from market are different. How to choose the best LED drivers? We can usually be divided into 3 categories:

1. Switch constant current source
A transformer is used to convert high voltage into low voltage and perform rectification and filtering to output stable low-voltage direct current.

Switching constant current sources are divided into isolated power supplies and non-isolated power supplies.

Isolation refers to the isolation of output high and low voltages. It is very safe, so the insulation requirements of the shell are not high.

Non-isolation is slightly less safe, but the cost is also relatively low. Traditional energy-saving lamps use non-isolation power supplies and are protected by insulating plastic shells.

Please check below picture, as you can see:

Beon 50W isolation led driver is with more complex circuit and more high quality components. Which can support the led lamp with longer lifetime and more safety for users.


Beon 50watt Isolation led driverled driver schematic

Using one IC or several IC to distribute voltage, there are few types of electronic components, very high power factor and power efficiency, no electrolytic capacitors are needed, long life and low cost.

The disadvantage is that the output high voltage is not isolated and has strobe, so the outer shell is required to be protected against electric shock isolation. Those on the market that claim to have no (removed) electrolytic capacitors and long lifespan all use linear IC power supplies. IC driver power supply has the advantages of high reliability, high efficiency and low cost, and is the ideal LED driver power supply in the future.

Linear IC power supply

Using a capacitor to provide driving current through its charge and discharge has a simple circuit and low cost, but has poor performance and poor stability. It is easy to burn out the LED when the grid voltage fluctuates. At the same time, it outputs high voltage and is not isolated, requiring an insulating protective shell.

The power factor is low and the life is short. It is generally only suitable for economical low-power products (within 5W). For high-power products, the output current is large, and the capacitor cannot provide large current, otherwise it is easy to burn out. In addition, the country has requirements for the power factor of high-power lamps, that is, the power factor of 7W or more is required to be greater than 0.7, but the resistance-capacitance step-down power supply is far from the cannot be reached (generally between 0.2-0.3), so high-power products should not use resistor-capacitor step-down power supplies.

On the market, almost all low-end products with low requirements use RC step-down power supplies. In addition, some high-power and cheap low-end products also use RC step-down power supplies.

Resistor-capacitor step-down power supply


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Application for 50watt LED Driver

LED Street lighting
LED Street lighting
LED Tunnel Lighting
LED Tunnel Lighting
led driver for flood light
LED Flood lighting
A: Do you add quartz sand in your silica gel on led drivers?

We usually get some clients to ask : Do you add quartz sand in your silica gel?

We will answer: No, we suggest to use Silica gel only,the thermal conductivity is best.

What is the bad issue on Silicone resin + quartz sand mixing LED drivers? Do you add quartz sand in your silica gel we suggest to use Silica gel on led drivers only

  1. Thermal dissipation issues: Sand filling will increase the thermal resistance of the circuit board and may affect the heat dissipation effect. When designing, heat dissipation issues need to be considered to ensure the stability of the LED driver.
  2. Difficulty in repair: Once filled with sand, the components on the circuit board will no longer be visible, making repair and inspection difficult. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the quality and reliability of the circuit before filling it with sand.
  3. our engineer say: Add quartz sand can’t be better heat dissipation. But Lots factory use this way to reduce cost.

Sand filling in LED drivers is an effective protective measure, but its advantages and precautions need to be weighed when using.

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