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  • 509X6E program
  • 509X6E program

509X6E Series LED Drivers


  • Voltage-in: AC90-305V Full power @176-305V
  • Voltage-out: DC28-56V
  • Efficiency: 93%  THD: <8%
  • Dimming: 0-5V/0-10V/PWM/timing, light attenuation compensation*
  • Reset support: yes, offline
  • Protection: LVP+OVP+OTP+SCP
  • SPD: DM 6KV+CM 10KV
  • Waterproof: Ip67
  • Lifetime of over 50,000 hours, 5-year warranty
  • Certificate:CE, CB, CCC, RoHS, FCC

A High-efficiency Choice Programmable LED Driver

  • Output & dimming isolated                         High level surge protection
  • Visual programming                                     Black box function
  • Multiple dimming optional                          Offline programmable
  • Support reverse dimming                            Dim to off
  • 2 in 1 interface                                                 Output lumen compensation

The Leader Of LED Driver

Against the background of the rapid development of modern lighting technology, BEON 509X6E Programmable LED Drivers has become a leader in the market with its excellent performance and reliability. The X6E series is more than just a power solution, it is a revolution in the field of outdoor lighting, providing users with unprecedented efficiency and stability.

The combination of ultra-high power factor and full power input voltage range ensures that the X6E can provide stable output under various grid conditions, which is crucial for global lighting projects. Its programmable outdoor constant current function provides great flexibility for applications such as street lights and tunnel lights. Through NFC technology, users can easily adjust the output current to adapt to different lighting needs.

Diversified dimming control options, including 0-10V, PWM and time-controlled dimming, provide users with more customization options, and also support dimmable shutdown, further improving energy efficiency. The high-efficiency metal shell design not only provides excellent heat dissipation performance, but also enhances the durability of the product and extends its service life.

In terms of safety, the X6E series has comprehensive protection functions, including lightning protection, overvoltage, short circuit and overtemperature protection, which are key to ensuring that the product can still operate stably in harsh environments. The IP67 protection level makes it suitable for dry, wet and wet environments.

Finally, the 5-year warranty period provided by BEON for the X6E series is a strong guarantee for the quality and performance of its products. This is not only confidence in the product, but also a commitment to customers.

All in all, BEON 509X6E LED driver power supply provides an unparalleled choice for the outdoor lighting market with its high efficiency, reliability and safety. It is not only a tool to light up the night, but also a beacon to light up the future.

509X6E specification

Beon 509X6E Programmable Function

BEON is committed to solving customers’ “pain points” and “difficulties” as its own responsibility. Based on more than 20 years of experience in outdoor lighting applications, a professional and stable technology platform, and a professional R&D team, BEON creates high-quality, highly reliable, and high-performance products to meet customer needs. Market demand.

BEON’s high-performance intelligent LED drive power supply solution shows strong advancement in coping with the development dilemma of urban lighting, which is mainly reflected in its insistence on “intelligent” thinking-oriented products and selective integration of typical functions of intelligent drive power supplies. and integration, through local timing, longitude and latitude scene adaptive control, timely reporting and distribution of information and other strategies to achieve active response of lighting equipment, realize autonomous data exchange and interaction between people and equipment, equipment and equipment, making lighting become Much simpler.

Combining visual software programming, offline programming, NFC and other methods to realize the secondary configuration of output parameters, achieving a breakthrough in power supply from point-to-point driving to point-to-point driving.

Programmable LED Drivers

509X6E series programmable intelligent driver (4)


    509X6E series was designed on the BEON basic products, differentiated market competition product strategy, launched a more competitive road lighting intelligent drivers. 509X6E series power range 75W-300W.


    509X6E series programmable LED drivers supports 0-10V/PWM/ time control dimming, The off-line programmable function is maintained to set driver parameters. Three time-controlled dimming modes are supported to meet energy saving and low carbon.

  • landscape lighting

    In addition, the 509X6E series supports reverse dimming, which can be applied to domestic tunnel light projects. This series of products covers high voltage output and low voltage output with complete specifications.


    509X6E series programmable intelligent driver has been certified by CCC, CE, ENEC, CB and other standards, and is the main product line in the field of road lighting.

509X6E Data Sheet

Focus on LED Driver Development And Production

Application for Programmable Intelligent LED Driver

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Road lighting
Tunnel lighting
LED Tunnel Lighting
Sport Lighting
Sport Lighting
Landscape Lighting
Landscape Lighting
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