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  • led driver 5096FD
  • led driver 5096FP
  • led driver 5096FT

509N7 Series Constant Current LED Driver


  • AC Input Voltage:180-265V.
  • Built-in active PFC function.
  • Protection: Short circuit/over temperature .
  • Input/output are connected by cable or coupler.
  • Using DIP switch to achieve different current.
  • 0-10V/1- 10V/10-1V/0-5V/1-5V/PWM dimming function
  • Independently mounted, can be applied to indoor, outdoor.
  • Lifetime of over 50,000 hours, 5-year warranty
  • Certificate:CE, CB, CCC, RoHS, FCC

509N7 Series Is Flicker-Free Led Power Supply

This is a non-isolated Constant Current LED Driver that uses bipolar PFC to achieve real flicker-free,
Low harmonics (THD<10%), high power factor, and high efficiency.


509N7 Specification


The simplest explanation: Within the rated power range, no matter how the load circuit changes, the output current remains unchanged, and only the output voltage changes.

Constant current led driver has high efficiency, which can basically reach more than 85%.

This 509N7 has a maximum efficiency of 96% and high conversion efficiency, which can greatly reduce the increase in heat of the lamp. The LED light is more stable and the light attenuation effect will be reduced, thus extending the service life of the lamp.

For LED lights used for lighting, constant current led driver is very important. Without this driver, the lighting effect of LED lights will be very limited and their service life will be significantly reduced. By using it, we can ensure stable current input and protect the LED from unnecessary damage.

Quality Control For Our Constant Current LED Driver

High quality LED driver

Components's Quality

In order to make sure that each product is satisfied, our company has strict requirements on raw material inspection.

Bad quality components will be aging so fast: including resistors, capacitors, diodes, triodes, RF connectors, IC …  Also problem like: short circuit fault, damage, power failure, function failure, electrical parameters not pass, non-smooth invalid and other invalid problems.


PCB Quality

PCB quality problems:Including PCB, PCBA poor wetting, burst board, layering, CAF, approach, short circuit fault and a series of ineffective problems.

We are using 1.2 mm thickness PCB , It is no easy to deformed and better to control all components are fixed well on board.

LED driver PCB board
Engineer design

Constant Current LED Driver Design

Constant Current LED Driver is composed of electronic components, which are particularly sensitive to temperature. Such as electrolytic capacitors, the life estimation formula of circulating electrolytic capacitors is calculated as “For every 10 degrees drop in temperature, the service life is doubled”, and poor heat dissipation is likely to greatly shorten its service life. Therefore, when planning an LED power supply, great attention should be paid to its own heat conduction. At the beginning of the design, it is necessary to fully consider the heat conduction of the LED and the heat dissipation of the power supply, and control the temperature of the lamp as a whole, so that better lamps can be produced.


10KV SPD Test Machine

Being struck by lightning is a common weather phenomenon, and the surge protection generated is a transient wave, which is the surge voltage. It is transmitted along the power line to the power supply route either by other means (transmission thunder) or by magnetic field (induction thunder). Its wave pattern characteristics should first rise rapidly and then slowly decrease. The instantaneous surge protection impact generated by it far exceeds the charge ground stress of general electronic components, which will lead to the destruction of electronic components.


10KV surge protection

Automatic Glue Filling Machine

We are using good silicone to do waterproof driver.

Silicone is a material with excellent waterproof properties, with the following characteristics: high temperature resistance, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, softness, good insulation properties

But some manufacturers want to save costs, they are filling with polyurethane and quartz sand, which have poor heat dissipation and cracks after aging,It is not easy to find out the difference by appearance.


100% Aging Test

There are 3 types of aging tests.

  1. Normal aging. The power supply is directly loaded and energized for aging. If the continuous working time of the power supply is more than one month, there is no failure, no burning phenomenon, and the parameters are stable, it is considered qualified.
  2. Intermittent aging. The power supply is loaded with intermittent energization aging test. When the power supply is under load, it cannot be powered on/off to test the impact resistance of the power supply. If the aging time is more than one month, there is no failure, no burning phenomenon, and the parameters are stable, it is considered qualified.
  3. Accelerate aging. Put the power supply in a high temperature test box and work with load for a long time to check whether its performance is stable.
driver aging

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